Looking Back on November

Being that we just started the last month of 2011, I thought it would be fun to look back on November because it feels like it just flew by.

YOUR favorite posts of November

My favorite meal of November - Sweet Potato caramelized onion spinach lasagna
I nearly forgot I made this meal! It reminds me that getting creative with a standard dish can be worth your while.

The most beautiful post of November - Fresh Air
How can you not love leaves like that?

My favorite post of November - Manfriend Prepares to run 13.1
I liked this one because it was fun to hear what the manfriend felt about his training. He was also really excited to hear your comments. 

Plus, I love all the pictures I snapped during our Sunday run for this post. Photos are a big part of my enjoyment when it comes to blogging.

I can't BELIEVE it's December. Holy moly, where did the time go? I still have a few Thanksgiving recipes I want to try my hand at (stuffing and cranberry sauce). But I figure those will taste good through December and even January.

And I'd like to find enough time to put up some Christmas decorations before the new year. Sheesh! 

Happy Friday! It's Go DUCKS! around here because they play in the Pac-12 Championships against the UCLA Bruins. Winner goes to the Rose Bowl.


My favorite meal of November (besides Thanksgiving day dinner) was the veggie lasagna I made. Which I can't even really think about right now because I am home with the stomach flu. :(

This is a great recap! one of my favorite posts of yours was the one about manfriend's training, too. I love that you guys both share a passion for being active.
That lasagna looks amazing! I have a recipe from Giada DeLaurentis for butternut squash lasagna that I love, but this looks like a great version too.

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