Not half bad

For the most part, it was good. I sang christmas carols, saw family, laughed with people I haven't in a long while, drank a ton of water, didn't eat a ton of candy, may have had more than my fair share of desserts, and besides last night (a little party with the grand grade/middle/high school crew), I didn't have more than 2 alcoholic beverages in a day. And, I worked out every day but today. I tried, but traffic, exhaustion and mounds of unpacking christmas crap willed it not to be.

Christmas morn the power went out for a bit, we opened stockings and then I took a quick walk before we headed to the grandparents for brunch and present festivus. After the fam got home and opened our gifts to each other, I headed out on a chilly, tough 6 mi run with hills and pace work included while the guys watched some high def action flick. A mom and her two daughters walking their dogs even shared a few laughs on my behalf, most likely in response to my crazy pace and the raspy "hi!" I sent their way as I passed. I did the stairmaster and lunges with weights at the gym. The legs (and ass) hurt, but say "thank you."

Grumpy Old Men, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation and several cheesey Hallmark holiday movies brought laughter, no matter how many times we'd seen them or how predictable they may be (thanks Hallmark). Four days off work felt like a few weeks. Four hours with the friends felt like forty minutes. Shopping with mom was fabulous. I was reminded once again how much you grow to value those times with the people you really care about. How precious every moment is, every laugh, every hug, every time you get to catch up.

A little panicked, I pulled out my training calendar tonight for the upcoming marathon in March. I was afraid I had already missed two important long runs after starting my training in early December. But after writing all my long runs in my planner I realized, it's all good b/c I'm actually right on schedule, no panic required. This Saturday calls for a 2h 20m run and I'm looking forward to it. Sometimes I just need to take a breathe and realize that shit's not going to hit the fan because I missed one tiny workout/detail/event. Life goes on, we adapt, we get better with every mistake. This time I was freaking out for no reason.

I'm still wavering on resolutions for 2009. Definitely need to solidify one worthy of the work enewsletter by Wednesday. Hm...

And, while I'm excited for another short work week, I'm not looking forward to Friday, my birthday. Truth is, I love birthdays, just not mine. I'm fine with the whole aging thing (sort of, minus the dying part). I could admittedly stay 25 forever, but I know the wise souls say life just gets better with age. The trouble is in the timing. A mere seven days post Christmas, this girl is never ready for ANOTHER round of presents and celebration. I don't feel like I deserve it. I really should start celebrating my half birthday or just suck it up and find a way to love it. This year, I've decided to take a vacation day and do the day as I wish. I have a run and a pedicure scheduled and beyond that, my hope is to simply enjoy and relax.


Anonymous said…
I'm amazed at the workouts you fit in! :) We were hindered by icy side walks and freeezing temps, which is driving me crazy. Usually its much warmer at 'home'. Gah!
Classic movie choices too :) My fave is Miracle on 34th street, its so cute!
Amber said…
Wow, you did great for workouts, I've been hindered by the flu for the last five days so my workouts have been half-assed. Hoping to get back on track today!

Question, I just signed up for my first half-marathon in May, have any advice for training programs to follow?? Thanks!
I always recommend people go to and click on "training" to search for a good plan. From there, you can look under "half marathon training" on the left hand tool bar and it will bring up tons of articles and training plans.

I also love using the training calculator which creates a plan for you based on your estimated pace, amount of time you want to train for and the distance.,7169,s6-238-277-279-0-0-0-0-0,00.html

Good Luck!
Anonymous said…
Cheesy, well-worn Christmas movies are so totally the best. I'm right there with you on that one.

You are a serious inspiration, you and your running, and stairmastering, and lunging; well done you!

Also: Happy Early Birthday! One my my sisters has an early January birthday, as well, and it totally catches the exhaustion of Christmas. I usually buy her gifts together, and am deciding at the last moment what should be christmas and what should be birthday. On the upshot, though, you can start the new year on a totally clean page...

I fully support taking the day off, and pedicures, of course! Enjoy!

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