For the Record

I was watching a bit of Britney's documentary tonight on MTV. I know, quality stuff, huh? But honestly, I was impressed. I gave up on her after her two years of drug use, partying, letting K Fed take custody of her kids, etc. But you know what, everyone, even Britney deserves a second chance. It's about time she dug herself out of that mess of a life she was living.

Oh, and I suck at holiday crafts. Spent $62 at Michael's and the craft I decided to make just isn't as cute as it was on martha stewart's website. Luckily, I have some pretty ribbon, cute cupcake papers and other festive things to spread some holiday cheer. On the way to work this morning I realized it's only three weeks until xmas. Time to bust out the Mariah Carey, Charlie Brown and 98 degrees Christmas cds. That's right, 98 degrees. Don't hate, you know you wish you owned it.

But my most embarrassing (and awful) xmas cd has to be Hanson's Snowed In. Can anyone else top that?


Anonymous said…
I watched "For the Record" too, and was not even ashamed to have spent an hour and a half of my life listening to Britney. You're right, it was impressive. And entertaining :)

Destiny's Child Christmas. probably not worse than hanson, haha, but ya's gettin there. Jackson 5, that's where it's at.
Britni said…
I watched the documentary too, and it really made me feel bad for her and how every day of her life someone is just waiting for her to make another mistake. People just won't give her a break.

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