Frivolous spending

Do you ever walk into a store, grab the first thing you see, put it in your basket and keep moving with no thought involved? And, it wasn't even something you came to buy. It happens to me more than I'd like to admit.

Well, last weekend was a dangerous one. I was still sick (and still am...3 weeks now!), had my athletic pants and a hoodie on and rocking a bit of a head cold. After meeting up with the runners, I stopped in at a local boutique just to browse. I swear, that was the intention. And then, I saw a pair of Paige jeans I've been eyeing for a while that just happened to be my size.

I kid you not, it was the first pair of jeans my hands touched. All of a sudden, the jeans are on me in the dressing room. I take a quick glance or two at the mirror, say "yep, I'll have to get these hemmed as usual, but they look good." The next thing I know, my REI VISA is being handed over to the sales assistant and bam, I have ANOTHER pair of jeans that will make me very happy, but very broke. I'm hooked and it's getting dangerous. It's time to find a new, cheaper, equally healthy addiction...quick.

Shopping is just one of those things that can be so therapeutic at the moment, but leaves you only wanting more. This holiday season I'm trying to make good choices about what gifts I buy/make/give, rather than just spending to feel like I've met the appropriate $ amount for each person. My family decided we're only giving one gift to each other (i.e. my aunt, grandparents and cousins are each getting just one gift from our family). Now, if I could only put the same thought into my personal spending. Ah, to be single and free to spend as you wish with few cares in the world. Right...


Britni said…
I had nothing else to do last night so why not go shopping right? Came home with a bunch of Christmas presents...for myself. Oops.
Anonymous said…
I am right there with ya. we headed to the outlets this weekend for "christmas" shopping. Um, right. Retail therapy is my new hero. And I have lots of cute things/good buys to show for it. :)
Anonymous said…
Oh man, I'm the same way, especially once I try things on ... if it looks cute, I'm a really easy sell. I'll tell myself all about how hard it is to find cute things that fit (which ... um ... not really), and it might not be here later, and the best--"I deserve it." Not good, not good at all.

Stimulating the economy's a good thing, though, right? : )

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