High Desert Fun

Early Friday morning, I headed to my parents' house to pick up my mom for a little getaway. As she is a teacher and was on Spring Break, we were both able to get away to Central Oregon for a little fun.

By 7:45 a.m., we were on the road and making our way to Sisters, OR where we stopped at The Quilt Store (for fabric for some flags mom is making for Baby Moe's room) and then the Sister's Coffee Company for caffeine and lunch.

Recycled pic from last summer

Stopping at Sister's Coffee Company is practically a requirement for any visit to Central Oregon. It's like mixing a dude ranch with your favorite friendly and delicious coffee shop.

A blissful few minutes were spent basking in the sun

And then we were on to Terrebonne, OR, home of Smith Rock State Park. It was already in the 60s by the time we got there, so I put on shorts and a tank for the adventure.

I always seem to underestimate just how hard part of the main trail is. Misery Ridge is a step uphill section that lasts about a mile until you reach the top and have a great view of everything around and below you.

Misery Ridge trail below (the zig zags)

My mom made it up most of the way, but decided to turn around at one point. I figured it was safer for me to continue going up and come down on the back side as it's a bit more gradual. I made sure to take LOTS of breaks for water and to catch my breathe.

Baby Moe and I at the summit

I took the decent slowly as well, making sure not to fall. On the back side, you get a look at Monkey Face. I only saw one guy climbing on it that day.

Probably my favorite view of all is during the second half of the hike where the trail takes you right along the river and gives you this fantastic reflection.

My mom and I met up on the other side and happily finished the hike and headed to Bend to check into our hotel and clean up.

Upon arrival, the hotel handed us warm oatmeal walnut chocolate chip cookies and I am not one to turn down a cookie like that.

We showered and rested a bit and then decided to walk around downtown Bend. Because it's hard to stray from what you love, we ended up eating at Brother Jon's Alehouse. They always have good service and tasty food!

When we got back to the hotel, Baby Moe was camping out in his/her favorite spot - my left side! Can you tell?

The next morning, we walked a mile or so to Chow for breakfast, which I'd heard good things about, but had never been to. We waited outside next to their fire pit for just a bit until we were seated.

I loved the way our hot drinks were steaming in the sunlight.

Everything on the menu at Chow sounded amazing, but I chose the blueberry pancakes and my mom chose a caramelized onion, spinach, sausage scramble with roasted potatoes on the side. Both were delicious!

After a leisurely walk back to the hotel, we packed up and headed home {but not before stopping at Sister's Coffee Company one last time}.

I'm already looking forward to my next trip to Central Oregon (AKA the high desert) and enjoying a few local brews there this summer.

Do you typically order sweet or savory when out to breakfast? What's one thing you're already dreaming about for summer?

Tip for those visiting Smith Rock: You are required to buy a $5 parking pass for the day and the machine only accepts cash, so be sure to have some on hand when you visit!


All of these photos make me want to visit the Bend area so badly! It would be a great getaway for Phil and I as we love hiking so much. I wish we could fit a trip in this year but we've got trips taking us to the east coast this year... But maybe next year!

That is great that you guys got away for a little mother/daughter trip! I can't wait to see the quilt your mom made - you'll have to share photos when it's done!
Leigh said…
What a fun weekend away with your mom! Those views are gorgeous! Amelia always hung out on my right side...funny how they do that!
Amber said…
That looks like such a fun weekend getaway with your mom!! Nice job on the hike too. I almost always order savoury breakfast items even though I really love pancakes and french toast. For some reason when I'm craving those two things I'm more likely to make them at home,
You are one amazing pregnant mama-to-be! That's quite the hike given your belly! But, that cookie treat afterwards sounds divine! I'm definitely a savory kind of breakfast gal; Gavin and Sweets are both, not surprisingly, sweets breakfast guys, though they wouldn't pass up a side of bacon or sausage with their over the top pancakes/french toast/waffles. =) This summer, I'm looking forward to our trip to the mountains and Pacific ocean. I can't tell you the last time we took a trip out west. It's been far too long!
Generic zyban said…
Great Post and Nice Article.Photo looking so good and .I like it.Thanks for sharing.
That looks like a great trip! My friend has a house in Sisters and when we stay up there, we go to Sisters coffee every single day! It's so good!
Elizabeth said…
I meant to email you last night for recommendations but I'm heading to the Painted Hills, Smith Rock, and hopefully Paulina Lake for the next three days. Not sure I can fit it all in to just three days with a reflexology class in the morning, but here's hoping! I'm going to attempt the trails at Smith Rock with the dogs but I always get a little nervous with them on leash cause they pull...but I also know they have to be on leash there. ;) So we'll see how it turns out. Definitely will be thinking of you though! It's been at least 2 years since I was in that general region. Oh....also, do you know that they have a satellite coffee shop in the Pearl up here?? Happy weekend!

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