A Baby Shower

Last weekend, a few of my high school girlfriends threw a baby shower for me up in Portland. I thought it would be fun to do it at a restaurant (as Portland has so many fantastic ones), so I suggested Mother's Bistro, home of good food, fun decor, hipster waiters and delicious cinnamon rolls. 

My mom, aunt and I drove up to Portland together. We made a quick stop at Pottery Barn Kids where I snagged a diaper bag on serious sale and a lotion caddy for the changing table. Then it was off to brunch!

Mom and I

I can't wait for some summer sun. I feel so pale here.

Taylor and her mom

After ordering and chatting a bit, the girls had two easy games ready that we were able to play at the table. The best part was getting to read all of the name suggestions that were offered for Baby Moe. I had no idea it was such a good rhyming opportunity! As you can see below... Giz Moe, Pro Moe, Flo Moe, etc.

I gave Hunter and Pro Moe the winning prizes.

After brunch (I had a brie & caramelized onion omelet), I got to open presents. Baby Moe is much closer to having everything he/she "needs," which is awesome!

 The girls and their moms were invited, so it was a fun way to let everyone catch up.

The girls (minus a few who are out of state or had other plans)

Jessica and I

All in all, it was a great afternoon filled with laughter. Likely, the next time I see these girls will be with a little one in tow!

The drive home was a long one thanks to a few wrecks on the freeway, so I was more than ready to get out of the car, unpack the gifts, and relax when I got home. #pregnancyandnotsleepingmakesyoutired


Taylor said…
Out of state or had other plans... haha. Wulff qualifies for both of those.
Lisa Valinsky said…
Sounds like such a nice time, and I love hearing about all of your baby gifts and finds.

And you look great in these photos! You are glowing! :)
Jessica Jarrell said…
Your shower looks like it was so much fun! I definitely recognize a lot of those faces! :)
I love that both you and your mom wore stripes! You look so cute in that dress!! I am glad that you and Baby Moe were showered with love. That is funny that they came up with so many fun names!!
Leigh said…
Looks like a fabulous shower! You are so cute pregnant too :)
Luna said…
ahhh finally catched up with you and the blog!!!! You and your belly are beautiful ;-)) What a fun baby shower!!Baby Moe will be a lucky, loved baby :-) Pregnancy glow... well, I think you glow, Lauren! :-))
It's really so special when people in your life want to celebrate you. Take it all in and enjoy!
Amber said…
You look so cute! I'm glad you had such a wonderful shower. what a great idea to have it at a restaurant!
There are a lot of stripes at that table! I love it. It looks like you had a lot of fun with your friends. I love that you did it at a restaurant; that saves anyone having to cook or clean up!

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