Date Night

Last night the manfriend and I decided to take advantage of a Living Social deal (like Groupon) I had purchased almost a year ago for a little Friday date night. We headed to June for drinks and dinner. 

To drink, I had a brandy Manhattan and the manfriend enjoyed a Black Butte Porter. For an appetizer, soy sauce and chile green beans. And for dinner, we both opted for the local beef burger. 

Someone is taking part in Movember, whether he knows it or not.

The burgers were pretty good, the fries a bit too salty and the green beans were tasty, but swimming in soy sauce. I was chugging water to try to make up for all that salt!

We ended the night by visiting Ninkasi Brewery that has a great indoor and outdoor space for visitors. I had a glass of the Maiden the Shade and the mountain man manfriend had the Sleigher. 

While we can't go out like this very often, it's definitely appreciated when we do. We've both been good about selectively going out to dinner so we can stretch our $ a bit further. It makes these date nights feel that much more special.

Let's just call this my belated "Thankful Thursday" post for the week. This week I'm thankful for weekends and date nights.

And just like that, my Oregon Ducks lost in a gut wrenching game against USC (35-38). Yes, we were screaming at the tv and I was practicing deep breathing. And tomorrow, the manfriend runs his first half marathon!

What's your favorite winter mixed drink? The manfriend and his family introduced me to the delightful brandy manhattan. Gin & tonics however, are my standard favorite.

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Katie said…
How was the Ninkasi brewery?
I laughed out loud at your moutain man comment ;)

We don't do that kind of thing often enough either. it was really nice to go out for dinner and drinks while we were in Orlando and just be completely relaxed. Need to work on doing that more often when we're home too! It just gets expensive since we don't dare risk drinking and driving here (the limit is 0.05!) and then your night gets even more expensive when you're looking at taking a cab. And going for dinner and pop isn't that fun. Ha! That's why we tend to stay in and drink wine at home for date night :)
siri said…
Can I just say that he is such a sport about always smiling while having his picture taken in front of a pint of beer? You should make a montage of all those photos!
Katie - Ninkasi is a great space. Nice cozy place to drink beer inside or out. I prefer Oakshire beer, but the space at Ninkasi is better. Additionally, they have some food options if the hunger bug strikes.

Amber - yes, i can see why you guys would be wary of drinking when out at dinner. It is important to be careful.

Siri - yes, he is a sport. And the photo montage is a good idea. :)
Katie said…
Noted! Post baby, we might have to make a run down to Eugene to try BOTH breweries out. :)
Looks like a fun night out! My favorite drink is a vodka tonic, and that is a year-round drink that I enjoy! But I also love coffee with baileys in it during the winter months!

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