One Year Ago

I was wearing this super nerdy, yet patriotic cycling get up.

The manfriend and I were at the NW Tandem Rally for his work, but also enjoyed a little cycling on individual bikes.

We opted to do both of the supported rides for the attendees in the 40-50 mile range that weekend. On Sunday, July 4, about halfway into our ride, I got too close to the manfriend going uphill and clipped his back wheel. I crashed immediately and left a little skin on the pavement.

Luckily, I had a good view during those last 20 miles...

After bandaging up my knee and elbow, we completed the ride and got back to camp. Another good story - we borrowed my parents' tent for this trip only to realize we had both left the poles in the garage at home. $100 and a little frustration later, we had purchased our own tent.

Anywho, by the time we got back to our tent, it was hot but I had one thing in mind. I was training for the Portland Marathon and I needed to do my long run. A wee bit overboard, I know, but that's just how I roll.

I finished 10 miles in the heat and called it a day.

But that didn't keep me from turning into a pathetic mess when we got home. I just had to show this photo. I was sobbing and kept saying to the manfriend "Ahh, I hate this. It hurts. I don't want to be injured." Go figure that I fell and scraped up that same knee yesterday on my trail run!

Being physically incapable of being active is extremely hard for me. Heck, I can barely take a rest day when I need it. Have you had any moments that your body was out of commission for a bit due to a serious illness or injury?

Random note: I love being able to look back on life over the past few years. The blog provides so many great memories of things that have happened since 2007 when I started Sassy Molassy!


Lindsey said…
Funny story... I was just going to tell you that your knee injury looks exactly like mine from a couple months ago. Then my dad looked over my shoulder at your photos and said "whoa that looks bad" thinking it was my knee.

Anyway - I think it's awesome how motivated and determined you are with your training. A long run after a 40-50 mile ride!

Let me know the next time you feel like a day off from running and we can go on a ride together!
Ugh, Sass, that is a serious blow to the skin! Is that pic from last year's injury, or the recent one?? Either way, looks a little worse than mine did so I totally sympathize with how bad that must've burned.

I love looking back on old posts, too - pretty funny to have an exact recap of what you were doing on a certain day :)
Heather-Yes, photos are all from last year on July 4. This weekend's fall wasn't quite as damaging to the knee.
J said…
Oh my what a bad scrap! I have actually fallen twice on the same knee - my left one and have this weird scar. Both times I landed on the same place and it hurt so much but soon it healed and I was back to normal.
I personally love the crying photo!! What a tough injury - looks painful!

I was laid up with a case of patella femoral last spring that sidelined me from running for a couple of months. It was a very frustrating experience!!
Raquelita said…
Heal quickly! Injuries and illness suck, especially when they bench us. In high school I had mono and was under physician's orders not to do any physical activity for a month. I had been doing kung fu and was in training for a level test that was really demanding. It was boring and emotionally exhausting to not be able to do anything.

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