One more marathon down.

The plus side is that I survived and finished the marathon in 3:55. The minus is that it's a Monday, after a Sunday marathon (and 7+ hr drive home), I'm at work, and it's sunny outside.

My right foot actually cooperated fairly well and it's my left foot that really hurts today along with my knees that feel geriatric. All things considered, I'm feeling pretty good for post marathon soreness.

A few things that didn't go right: Saturday, after picking up our race packets, we headed to a local bistro that not only had some of the sloooowest service ever (1 server and 1 cook for this little place with 12 or so tables), but was out of half the things our group wanted to order. Afterward, we picked up coffee, walked around a few little shops (while the man friend had a beer and played pool with the locals at the nearby tavern), and headed back to the cabin to lounge on the couch and watch March Madness.

Then for dinner we headed to a place that was supposed to be good (but wasn't) and was also out of everything. So just when I was needing and craving a huge dish of pasta with chicken, sorry they're out. After eating a 9pm dinner of a crab cobb salad that was mediocre at best, we came back to the house and I grabbed a piece of wheat bread to "carb load." Yeah, not my ideal, but I guess it sufficed. It rained all day Sat, but I didn't mind because it cleared the air for Sunday's PERFECT race conditions (40s, sunny, blue skies).

As for the race report and a few pics...stay posted.


Lisa D said…
Wow - congrats! What a awesome time. Did you PR?

That sucks about not being able to carb load before the race!!
Sassy Molassy said…
Thanks Lisa. It wasn't a PR, my PR is a 3:49 from my very first marathon in 2006. This was my second fastest time and I didn't have to walk so that was great. Plus the course was pretty hilly.
Amber said…
Great work!! I'm glad to hear your foot held up well!
Anonymous said…
CONGRATS - That's an amazing time!!! Especially considering what you went through during this training - wow! :) You always pull through, so impressive! Hope your knees forgive you soon enough, I have that issue too. it's not fun!
David H. said…
Looking forward to your report! Nothing worse in running than having to work right after! Runners should get an extra week of vacation!
chic said…
Wow, that's awesome, such a great finishing time! A. and I are getting ready for our marathon in April and I can't wait, although I don't plan on finishing it nearly as fast as you! S.
Wow. Congrats, that is awesome. Under four hours while being injured, amazing.
raulgonemobile said…
Wow, nice job! Looking forward to the report
magda said…
Congratulations! I love that you always seem to see the sunny side of things.

And no walking!? I'm officially more impressed than I was before (which was, in fact, a lot).

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