For all you runners out there, I want to know, what does your taper look like? My preferable taper is two weeks long (three seems a bit much) with the first of the two still fairly normal, but removing most cross training and lifting and trying to stay away from sugar and alcohol a wee bit more than normal. The final week of tapering, after that last "long" 8-10 miler involves basically a few 3-5 milers, a lot of stretching and no cross training.

The final three days involve carb loading, not only because it boosts the glycemic levels needed to have a full tank ready to run 26.2 miles properly, but because it's my favorite excuse to pick up a gourmet loaf of ciabatta, good cheese, deli meat and some olive oil and vinegar on the side and a good glass of red vino. Now THAT is my kind of dinner.

So, what has my actual taper looked like? The beginning of my two week taper started with an 18 miler b/c I wasn't confident in my body's endurance after four weeks off running (with the foot injury). The next day I walked 1 mile and easily ran 3 to work out the junk. Then I went on a fun 90 min hike, skip, mud adventure with the man friend in the outdoors and we ended at the hot springs for a relaxing finish. The rest of last week included: Mon-3 mi walk, Tues-5 miles hard w/ hills on the treadmill, Wed-easy 3.5 mi and 20 min bike, Thurs-8 mi (3 mi @ tempo, under 8min/mi), Fri-30 min easy yoga/pushups/abs, Sat-11.5 mi @ race pace w/ some hills and easy last 1.5mi.Sun-3 mi brisk walk, 20 min bike easy.

This week's plan: Mon-5 mi @ race pace, Tues-70 min walk, Wed-4 mi @ race pace, Thurs-rest/yoga, Fri-rest/drive to WA for race, Sat-expo and 2mi easy, Sun-Whidbey Island Marathon, 26.2 mi!

This week always has me a little panicky. So last night I plucked out my Hal Higdon "Ultimate Marathon Training Guide" just to brush up on my taper and post marathon plans. Post marathon, I'm hoping to get a 1-2 mi walk in, which should considerably help the healing process, refuel, and get a good gentle 15 min stretch in within a few hrs of finishing.

I've been seeing a lot of other fellow bloggers out there who are getting ready for their respective races this Sunday. Good luck to everyone and tell me about your taper regimen!


Amber said…
I've been wondering about this whole "taper" thing. The training schedule I'm following has me doing one run and one walk the week before my half-marathon. Do you think I should cut out cross-training too? I usually swim twice a week and do about 20-30 minutes of circuit training 4-5 times a week. Should I cut that all out and jsut do the scheduled run and walk, I am only training for a half too so maybe the tapers not as intense for that?

I would LOVE to swap guest-blogging for each other btw. I'm going to email everyone who's offered to guest blog for me later this week. Maybe you can guest blog about training for your first half or full marathon and tapering and stretching and all the questions I've been asking you on your blog! Lol
Chelsea said…
Good luck in your marathon! Whidbey Island is beautiful (I live in Seattle). I’m actually heading down to Portland for a half marathon next weekend (Race for the Roses) - I'm just trying to run 13.1 at 9 min/mile pace so I'm super impressed by you!!

ps when i run a half i just taper for a week/5 days by running easy and short...and by eating a lot of pasta the night before!
Anonymous said…
This is the first time I've actually had a "planned" taper, and it's only been this week (difference between training for a half and a full! ha), which I've actually really liked. Last time I tapered for close to 3 weeks (not intentionally at first....oops), and by the time the race rolled around I was pretty restless and felt tired from Not running. if that makes any sense?

anywayyy! My taper has been two 3 mile runs at around a min/mile slower than my usual pace (which turned into almost 4 mile runs, cause I'm weird about running for even 5-min intervals on a treadmill....30...35...40....), and then today I did a 5-mile Speed workout. Now I have the next two days off and then the race! :)

we're almost there!!

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