Back in the game

I'd say I'm well on my way to being healed, or at least being able to run a bit more on the lengthy side without too much pain. Saturday was a long day of downhill skiing with my hs friend A who came down from Seattle. It was snowy and a bit windy, but the snow itself was fabulous. Red faced and tired, my foot gave me no pain. After dropping A off I showered and headed to Portland for dinner with my brother and his girlfriend and drinks and laughs with more hs friends and their significant others. Drinking a beer in the basement of this chilly little bar with friends was an absolutely perfect way to spend the evening. Reminded me how much I love that city.

After hitting up another establishment we headed home to chat and watch some snowflakes fall. Morning came too quickly and Jess and I were off on a cold and hilly 10 miler. The sun shone on snow covered grass as we made our way up to the top of a nearby butte that looks over the entire city of Portland. Amazing. The legs were tired, but the foot had no complaints.

After showering Jess, her husband and I met up with friends for a fabulous brunch at the Alameda Cafe, a nearby spot listed in the recent Portland Monthly breakfasts feature. It definitely met our expectations. I had the veggie scramble, alameda potatoes, toast and some strong coffee...all while watching a few more snowflakes fall. Mmm. After a looong browsing session at REI and just one shirt purchased for my Europe trip, I headed home.

This morning I took the man friend's dog on a cold 25 minute run. Normally, in a different neighborhood, in the dark, I wouldn't feel too comfortable, but with a obedient black lab at your side, almost anything seems safe. Now on with the day and a seven miler planned for tonight.

Wednesday I'll be participating in a conference call for the Runner's Lounge book project with a bunch of other running bloggers who will be working to edit this beast. I'm looking forward to it!

Anyone else have too much coffee and chocolate this morning? I think it's about time I break that habit...


Anonymous said…
that sounds like a Lot of snow!! we had a beautiful weekend over here, spent with a college roomie (third weekend in a row!)....old friends make the Best weekends. :)
and yayyy no more foot pain!! stay healthy over there girl!
J said…
Yummmm coffee! Have fun with the editing of the book project!!

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