It's almost here.

Yesterday I wore shorts and a t shirt on my run. This made me very happy because I can actually see spring right around the corner. And frankly, these white legs desperately need a bit of sun.

I did a short recovery run (35 slow minutes) after a quick day trip to Seattle for a work meeting, which was actually quite productive and successful. Then, I followed the run up by a short bike ride to try out my new Pearl Izumi shorts. The man friend is trying to get me to buy a road bike so I'm starting to gear up in the clothing dept first...naturally. Baby steps here, baby steps.

So, my Spring Training Tips for TiaRT are...

1. Bust out those shorts
2. Leave the ipod at home
3. Find some seriously good running sunglasses (native, smith, etc)
4. Dig out your sunblock
5. Try some new routes now that it will be lighter later
6. Hop, skip and jump over obstacles (the man friend laughed when I hurdled over stumps and logs last weekend as we were hiking). It's not only a good workout, but it makes you feel just a bit badass, no joke.
7. Try a new workout, mix in some yoga, abs, weights or pushups into your routine. After all, everyone needs a little change once in a while.

PS-Yesterday's EASY run sent sharp pains down the back of my right leg-just what I need. The easy ride didn't work out the kinks like I'd hoped. Last night as I did some yoga stretches before bed it got me thinking how important it is we take care of our bods, especially near race time. I had a massage on Tues which proved I was much more tight and sore than I thought. So next week I have another 30 min massage scheduled as a final pre-race tune up and one final foot appointment. After that, I'm crossing my fingers my fitness and my perserverance will carry me through 26.2 miles.

Marathon countdown: 10 days


Amber said…
I'm SO happy that spring is almost here! It's not quite warm enough where I am to run in shorts and a tshirt yet though. Maybe capri workout pants...

I used to love biking in the summertime but the city I live in now is VERY hilly and we live on top of the biggest hill in the city. I'm too terrified to even attempt biking down it, or back up it for that matter!!

Hope you're feeling fresh for your race!
X-Country2 said…
Yay for spring! Great tips, and good luck with the marathon.
Hooray for shorts! (Actually, I don't wear shorts anymore. I'm a running skirt convert!)

Good luck with the marathon!

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