Shiz hath hiteth the fan

The truth is, I don't like the way the media always plays things up, especially this dive the economy's taken (and tropical storms and terrible human interest stories), but things didn't really hit home until yesterday when a good friend found out she was being laid off and will soon not be employed by the company that has employed her for about five years now. This is the second friend I know who lives in my city who has been affected. It sucks and it has me thinking if I didn't work for the state, man I could be in her very same spot.

And, in other business, I've been messing with my blog layout. The other one just seemed so narrow and maybe too dark? Not sure. It seems like those on wordpress tend to have more flexibility with everything in their blogs. And, I'd really like to spiff this thing up with some pretty designs or something, but I'm html handicapped so that will have to wait. It frustrates me to no end that I don't have proper html and photoshop skills.

Anywho, I'm thankful for job security and if this whole economy thing is affecting your life, just know that even those with jobs are constantly thinking about you and in general, ways to curb spending and save where we can. Because it's only a matter of time before any of us could be in the very same spot. It even has me reevaluating my career ideas and thoughts of going back to school. And at other moments it has me thinking "surely this will blow over in a few months," so keep living your life. Don't be afraid of the what ifs.

How about you? Anyone having friends/family who have been laid off, reduced hours, etc?

Oh, and I just remembered that my dad who is a foreman at a large company has had to reduce his crew to only eight hour shifts (at a place where overtime was common and necessary) and he in turn clocks just eight hours but often puts in about ten. He's a dedicated guy, what can I say? Ok, so maybe this time the media isn't exaggerating as much as I'd like to believe... Heads up kids, it's a tough world out there, but I believe in you.


heatherdc said…
this scares the crap out of me because I'll be the one looking for jobs next year, and who knows if they'll even be there. It's an odd time to be doing an unpaid internship so you can (in theory) get paid More for your job. Glad you're safe though! It's too sad to hear about this getting-laid-off business.
magda said…
I'm with you on the media coverage. Sure, things are bad, but must we paint the landscape as a desolate wasteland?

The timing of this post is funny; I just learned today that a lot of lower-level staff in my office were recently laid off. I wasn't supposed to find out, which in and of itself is shady. I don't really think my position is in much danger, but so scary to think about! This climate is strange indeed. We've made a lot of poor choices as a nation, and our recovery may be long; while we wait, you're absolutely right, we should be there for each other. Great post, and seriously best of of luck to your friends! I know a few people in similar situations. It's really difficult.

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