Panic? No fear, I've got a plan.

Is anyone else a little panicked about the upcoming few days of feasting? Not to mention Thanksgiving and the past few weeks we've endured of Christmas parties, holiday gatherings, cookies and chocolates sitting on the office table and all that extra indulging because "hey, it's the holidays!" I for one am a bit panicked.

As of Monday, after escaping the Portland blizzard, operation kick my own a** set in, which resulted in a 5 mile run Mon night, a hard 6 mile run yesterday at lunch AND an hour and a half at the gym after work, and a 5 mile run this morning before work. And I'm hoping to get to my parents gym later this afternoon for a short session in addition to a long walk or run tomorrow after brunch and opening presents.

To some of you it may sound a bit extreme to care about working out so much on Christmas when you should be spending quality time with the family, but this girl has no will power. If it's there and looks good, I'll go for it. So, armed with good intentions and some strong workouts, I'm ready to face this Christmas holiday, one cookie at a time. I'm looking forward to spending a few days with the family and hs friends, playing play station and Wii with the brothers and watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and Grumpy Old Men.

My goals to stay on track over the next few days are:
1. drink lots of water
2. limit alcoholic beverages to 3 max in a day
3. choose one dessert and enjoy
4. don't eat endless amounts of candy because it's sitting in the dish staring at you
5. when tempted to fall into a food-filled, couch coma, get up and take a 10 min walk. you'll feel better and then you can get your nap on. After all, it's Christmas.
6. laugh, a lot.

Oh, and I just got word that my dad and youngest bro are on "operation rescue brother from Portland" at this moment. The other bro has a bmw and lost one of his chains last night on the way home from work, so my dad's 4wd pickup and 4 chains should do the trick. As for what time they'll get home tonight...I have no idea.

And if you're looking to make an easy, but oh so yummy cookie to wow the relatives with (and reverse any of those fabulous workouts you've been doing), look no further than the Super Soft Ginger Snap Chewies. I made them last night to give to a coworker this morning and was reminded of how yummy they smell and taste. Enjoy and Merry Christmas/Happy Kwanza!


Anonymous said…
I have to admit I'm a little panicky. Only because the gym is closed for the next 3 days (ughhh) AND the side walks are covered in snow and ice. Um, no running here. Although, it might be fun to take on the white stuff and just bundle up. :) we'll see.
Merry Christmas!!!
amric1409 said…
I did a hard gym workout this morning and I think I'll try to get a walk in tomorrow, maybe even outside if it's not too cold. I guess my biggest goal is to NOT stuff myself till I feel sick. That's a nasty habit of mine-binge eating. It makes me enjoy things that much less. So portion control is on my list of to-do's this weekend! Drinking lots of water is a good tip, I'll try that too! Merry Christmas!
magda said…
I'm seriously impressed by your plan. I get that same fear--the fear that my cute jeans may, come january, just, I don't know, NOT FIT anymore--but I never get the gumption to chart out a battle plan. I like it!

Good luck to your dad and brother--things aren't much better here. I seriously got in at the most perfect window last night.

Merry White Christmas!
J said…
Good plans for avioding that couch coma! lol Hope you had a great Christmas!

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