Cookie exchange: completed!

Thanks to Miss Molly over at Batter Splattered, I participated in a holiday cookie/ornament exchange. Last night I spent about three sugar, flour and butter-filled hours in the kitchen baking not one, but two yummy cookies for my lucky recipient.

My first choice was these lovely little Peanut Butter Blossoms because they just look so cute when they're finished and who doesn't love choc and pb together??

I wanted to bake two different kinds in case the recipient (Jennifer from Houston, TX) didn't like one or the other. The second, was a fabulous recipe from Joy the Baker for "Sugar Crusted Ginger Chewies." What that means to you my friends, is a fabulous ginger, molasses melt in your mouth cookie. Needless to say, there was a LOT of cookie baking going on. After eating 5, yes 5, I said "Enough! These extras (beyond the 20 or so I sent to Jennifer) are going to the office and the runners." Thank goodness for friends and coworkers who will bail you out when faced by massive amounts of lard, sugar and in general not so favorable to the size of your ass/hips/six pack abs kinds of food. As instructed, they finished off the remainder so all I had left at the end of tonight was two empty plates to bring home. Halleluiah.

I dropped the cookies (and a super cute xcountry ski ornament) in the mail this afternoon. We were instructed to give an ornament (in addition to the cookies) that represents our state. While I really was tempted to get her a John Deere Tractor ornament that I found (because I grew up in a place that's considered the grass seed capital of the world), I opted for the cuter, more tree appropriate ornament. And, you know, we hicks from the sticks out here in Oregon get around by horse and buggy, and come winter, cross country skiis. No, I kid. But I did grow up cross country skiing and doing all kinds of crazy outdoorsy things (all the while crying and complaining to my dad to stop torturing us) so I figure hey, that must be Oregon, right? Either way, I have faith she'll enjoy the whole package, which I so kindly wrapped in cute paper and ribbon. Go me. Happy Holidays...

Now I'm really looking forward to seeing what the person who was matched with me bakes up!


KGreg said…
I have to do my first office cookie exchange this year, and I'm pretty excited. I'm usually a chocolate chip or snickerdoole girl, but those sugar crusted ginger chewies sound delicious! I might have to try that instead.
Laura said…
What a cool idea! Remind me next year so I get in on the swap :)
Kerry said…
Your cross country skiing brings back memories of those stupid bindings with the tiny little bumps that slid into tiny holes in the boot toe. My dad used to lay in the snow to get my boots attached to the skiis and swear. Anyway, I'm grateful for the nice snap in bars now.

The cookies look great!
Anonymous said…
what a fun idea!!!! I can't imagine any situation where I would dislike peanut-butter and chocolate together. oh, Yummmm.
hope you get some cookies that are equally delicious!!
I did one of these today, and the cookies were all very yummy.

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