Week in Review

Hellooo and happy pancake Friday* to you!

*Back in the day (as in before I was running myself ragged going to school and work), pancake Friday was a thing in our house. I often liked surprising the manfriend with a freshly made stack of pancakes for breakfast to kick off the weekend. Now it's more of a weekend only thing.

This week has left me feeling pretty exhausted every day. I'm not sure if I'm not getting enough sleep, or my body is just reacting to the combination of everything I'm throwing at it.

Alas, the theme of the week for me has been getting outside as much as possible while the sun is shining. Frankly, if laptops worked better in the sun, I'd like to figure out how to make an outdoor lounge chair or desk a reality. Ha, wouldn't everyone?

I found myself escaping to run for 20 minutes before class the other night just so I could soak up some Vitamin D and get a little workout in.

Last night, rather than a traditional track workout with our speed group, our coach encouraged us to join the local track club for their first 5K of the year.

If you're a member, these 5Ks are free, which is awesome. Otherwise, they're $5, so either way it's pretty much a win. I renewed my membership again last night, so more free 5Ks are in my future.

I warmed up for a mile and then it was time to GO! I held back a little the first mile, making sure I could hold my pace and then just tried to keep up with a few other runners from my group that are about my speed. I finished in 22:27, which isn't a PR, but is pretty good for me.

A look back at last week's workouts:

Monday - 20 min am tabata strength/cardio routine + foam rolling

Tuesday - 5 miles Tap 'n Growler run with S & D, ran first mile as a warm up so I could sort of keep up with the fasties. Gotta do what you can!

Wednesday - 40 min sweat dripping Fit Tuesday workout thanks to the Fitnessista + am foam rolling. If you want a kick butt strength circuit, I highly recommend this one!

Thursday - Track workout: (missed the warm up), 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m, 1.5 mile cool down. I hopped in for the meat of the workout (which was painful). This one was a little different starting short and fast and gradually tapering off to 10K pace for the mile and then speeding up again as we moved back down the ladder. 

Friday - 3 easy morning miles + foam rolling. Took the day off to study. Hopped into a noon yoga flow, which was challenging and stretchy at the same time. Peak pose was eight-angle pose, which was fun.

Saturday - power yoga class. Told myself I didn't need to do anything else and plus, I had plenty of studying to do. 

Sunday - 12 miles of rainy, muddy trail run solo. Made me want to recruit others for these long journeys once in a while as they can get a little dreary on your own. After errands and more studying, Lindsey taught yoga class and we worked on arm balances, which I really want to improve on. 

And finally, a little Fashion Friday.

There's nothing earth shattering or fabulous about this outfit, but this color combo has surprised me every time I wear it. Orange and aqua. Boom.

What's up this weekend? Well, both of my finals are on Monday, which is pretty pooey, so I'll be studying, but you can guarantee I'll still be squeezing in yoga and a run or two. The weather forecast for Saturday says a high of 66, so I may be searching for a study spot outdoors.

Do you have any fun weekly rituals for yourself or spouse that you like to do? 


Amber said…
Great week of workouts!! I haven't tried a fitnessista workout in a long time but I am going to try out that Fit Tuesday one - looks like a gooder! Happy Friday :)
I love that orange and aqua color combo - and I love your shoes! I am a bit fan of colored shoes as it's a fun pop of color that makes an outfit a little more interesting.

Good luck with your studying this weekend. I hope the finals go well. Do you start another term after this?

My only weekly ritual is getting a latte on Fridays. It's a great reward for getting through another work week.
Luna said…
Love that color combo!But you always have nice ones :) Congrats on the fast 5k!! I've never run a 5k, fast short races scare me :)
We have a Friday night ritual...our favorite TV show(the tradition started when Lost was still...alive) and comfort food (it usually involves hummus and tortilla chips).
Good luck on your finals!
Leigh said…
Dang, you are speedy! Nice week of workouts too. We don't have any fun weekly rituals, but I could get on board with the pancake one!
I love that outfit, especially the shoes! Very fun! Also, I could totally go for some of those pancakes, on ANY day!

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