Favorite Vacation & Meal of the Week

Happy end of Spring Break! That is, if that means anything in your world. I ended up taking yesterday and today off work, which has been nice. Living in a college town means things are much quieter during breaks, although that's not saying much because Eugene is not much of a metropolis. But it does mean driving anywhere takes about 5 minutes less.

We're not necessarily having beautiful spring weather right now, but I know the sun will be back. Ahem, I arrived home after a 3 mile run this morning completely drenched (made the shower and breakfast that much more enjoyable).

Homemade granola, recipe via Feb. 2014 Yoga Journal

Meanwhile, I'm dreaming of Mexico...

But really, who needs a sunny destination to enjoy a margarita?

For whatever reason, I noticed my Puerto Vallarta post from 2012 has been getting a lot of clicks lately. I'm going to chalk it up to the fact that folks were doing some last minute spring break planning. 

The bit of sun we had and now the rain showers have me thinking of that Mexico trip and wondering when we can book our next beach vacation to enjoy 80+ degree temperatures daily. I'm thinking 2015 will be the year.

I know Europe is an AMAZING trip to look forward to, but very different from a 'lay on the beach and just soak up the rays' type of vacation.

What was your favorite vacation and why?

Favorite meal of the week: Greek quiche inspired by the internet

Ingredients: premade crust, sauteed onion, cremini mushrooms, spinach, plum tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta, local organic eggs, milk, salt, pepper and paprika

And finally, here's a round up of last week's workouts:

Monday - Finals day! Did a quick and sweaty 15 min Nike Training Club workout that required no weights. Got home early from my last exam and headed out for a 3.25 mile celebratory run.

Tuesday - Typically my easy/rest day. Did a 15 min yoga & core workout in the a.m. + 2 mile walk in the sun at lunch

Wednesday - 4.65 morning miles @ 8:23 pace (felt like pushing the pace so I did)

Thursday - 40 min a.m. yogaglo flow + "The predator" workout on the bike path (Running out 3 min, rest, back 3 min, out 2 min, rest, back 2 min, out 1 min, rest, back 1 min & repeat!) The fast people end up running further out and therefore catching others on the way back. 5.6 miles in total.

Friday - Typically also a bit lighter workout day for me. 25 min am strength workout, including tabatas and cardio blasts + 2.5 mile walk with Sarah at lunch.

Saturday - AKA epic exhaustion powered by 75 min power yoga + 14.5 tough miles + 7 miles of bike commuting with the manfriend = 9 hours of sleep that night

Sunday - long sunny walk with the manfriend and Jonah Bell (~1 hr) + 6 miles of bike commuting

Grand total of 28 miles run

Without school these past two weeks, it has been really nice to have a little more time to run, cross train and just walk! But alas, Monday kicks off Spring term.

What are your plans for the weekend? And your favorite meal of the week?


I am glad you enjoyed your break! I would love to be in Mexico right now. It's raining, so it makes it especially desirable... My favorite vacation is hard to choose! I really enjoyed Columbia, France, New Zealand...okay, yeah, I cannot pick just one! However, right now the beach would be mighty nice!
Elizabeth said…
Glad you had a couple of days off to enjoy and I hope you guys had some sunshine today too. A trip to Mexico sounds amazing at this stage :)
I have never been to Mexico, nor have I ever really taken a relaxing vacation but I know I would love a trip like that. My favorite vacation was probably one of my trips to Paris, especially my 2nd or 3rd trip there as I felt less pressure to DO EVERYTHING and balanced sightseeing with relaxing/reading in cafes. I would love to take a relaxing vacation in 2015, but I need someone to do that with as that is a vacation that I don't want to do on my own... So we'll see if I have someone in my life to do a trip like that with!

I spent the past weekend in Savannah and LOVED it. It is such a cute and charming city and i would definitely go back. My best meal I had last week was probably the shrimp tacos I had on Friday night.
Amber said…
WHEW! Saturday was an EPIC day for you!! I bet you got 9 hours of sleep that night.

Hmmm, I really enjoyed our Mexico vacation but I was also kind of over laying around and drinking after four days so I think I do ultimately enjoy busier vacations. One of my favourite vacations was our honeymoon because we stayed in one place for four days, were on a beach, but also squeezed in a bunch of active stuff like kayaking, surfing and hiking. Eric and I really want to go to Hawaii for our next beach vacation.

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