Sun Struck + Europe

Whew! Saturday's long run of 14.5 miles after yoga really did me in. I think it was the combination of being sunny and warmer (and my legs already being a little sore prior) that really got to me. Clearly, getting back into this whole long run thing is going to take a while. 

My jaunt around Eugene took me through city streets, up hills, along a few gentle trails and along the river path. 

This look is called "tired."

Afterward, I made a quick stop at Trader Joe's for some groceries before heading home for fuel and a much needed nap. I don't know about you, but I used to resist naps like none other, until I realized how beneficial a short nap can be for my recovery and sanity. After 30 minutes, I felt much better. 

With temps reaching the 60s this weekend, the manfriend and I got out on not one but TWO bike dates! We found a few fun excuses to ride downtown and enjoy beer (Go Ducks!, close game) and pastries + coffee (just because). 

The earnings of the manfriend cashing in his change box on the dresser. 

*In all seriousness, I thought the manfriend might get $10 from all his change, so I was pretty floored when he came out of the grocery store with $50! Perhaps I should start saving my change for something I really want...

We also managed to book our Europe trip this weekend! You may recall that we have been planning to go to Europe for our honeymoon/1 year anniversary. I have been nervous to book the trip and honestly, just thinking about the logistics makes me nervous, but the good thing is we can plan as little or as much as we want in those three weeks. 

We are flying into London, then heading to Barcelona a few days later and making a loop around Europe before we fly out of Paris. It was a little tricky figuring it all out because we are also trying to fit in seeing the Tour de France for a day or so, but I think we can make it work. 

Other cities/countries we're thinking about are: Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre or Positano, Switzerland, Prague, Germany. I went to Europe in 2009 with my good friend Annie so there are a lot of places I'd love to see again, but also want to make sure this trip is unique.  

Thoughts? Advice?

For dinner tonight we made Yumm bowls. The local chain Cafe Yumm makes this tasty sauce and a variety of healthy bowls that we like to replicate at home. 

Ingredients: spinach, brown rice, kidney & pinto beans, mushroom, onion, red pepper, avocado, plain yogurt, cheese, salsa and yumm sauce

Not only is this dish simple and delicious, it's also nutritious and easy to adapt with whatever beans, grain or veggies you have on hand. 

What is your favorite food right now? Mine has been either avocado or frozen berries (can't seem to live without them). 

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I am so excited that you guys booked your honeymoon/anniversary trip! I am sure it's overwhelming to come up with an agenda, but hopefully once you figure out what nights you'll spend in which cities, hopefully things will come together easier from there. I have never done a big Europe trip as I have only visited 1-2 countries on each trip, but it's something I'd love to do someday. If you need any Paris advice, you know who to talk to. ;)

Foods I am loving these days are dishes with lentils in them, citrus fruit, especially grapefruit, and the spicy bean and rice dish I made on Saturday night!
Jessica Jarrell said…
Yum, those bowls look amazing. Congrats on booking your honeymoon. It's better to do it late than never. We are having our 5 year anniversary this year, and still no honeymoon. LOL. You guys will have an amazing trip, I'm sure. And the food!

Have a good week! :)
missris said…
So exciting that you planned your trip! My dad is a HUGE cycling fan and also from France, so one year my parents planned our yearly trip so that it coincided with the end of the Tour de France. He still says that seeing those amazing athletes tearing down the Champs Elysees is one of the coolest things he's ever done, even if we did have to camp out for hours to get a spot. If you can swing it, I say do it!
Amber said…
I'm so glad you got your flights booked! It's going to be amazing! I know that planning can be overwhelming, but just take it one day at a time. You will get it all done and figured out!! I personally like to go into a trip like this with a schedule planned out (so we know where we're staying each night and for how many nights) but keeping the day to day really flexible. So with Ireland and Scotland I do have ALL our hotels/b&b's booked but we don't have THINGS planned for each day so we can kind of play it by ear when we get there!

Can't wait to hear what you guys decide to do. I would really love to do another 3-week trip around Europe one day. There are just so many other places to visit too, can be hard to decide between going back somewhere you love or traveling somewhere new!
Lindsey said…
So exciting you booked your trip! I can't wait to hear more about your plans!

Favorite food... I would have to go with frozen berries right now too. I have been putting them in smoothies and eating them for dessert at night :)
Elizabeth said…
Yea for Europe AND for your spring break! I can imagine you are just soaking it up as much as possible. It's been forever since I've actually read blogs but it was great to catch up on the last month of your posts and I appreciate the comment you left on the posts I have made. I did the Shamrock 15k a few weeks ago but generally am trying to ease up this month and just be more gentle with my body. It's been much needed even if it feels uncomfortable at times to "sit still" as much as I have been. Favorite food right now? Can I say my morning cup of coffee? It's routine, its comforting, and it tends to be that one item every day that I know will happen and be relished :) Enjoy this final weekend lady!
We watched the Oregon-Wisconsin game. We told Gavin he needed to say GO BADGERS, but he kept saying GO DUCKS instead. Thought you'd appreciate he was pulling for your team. =)

We went to Cinque Terre last fall (haven't yet blogged about it, but I will this month) ... my thoughts: it's beautiful and painfully overridden with tourists. If you are OK with LOTS of tourists, lots of AMERICAN tourists, then you'll likely enjoy the scenic area. I hated it and don't ever want to go back (because, I don't travel to Europe to hang out with my American brethren). Also, if you're heading there to hike the trails between the towns, do a little research before you go. Two of the four trails have been closed for a number of years and I'm not sure when or even if they are planned to re-open. Florence, on the other hand, LOVE that city. We stayed in an apartment, walked everywhere and fell in love with Oltrano (the neighborhood on the other side of the Arno River). We'll definitely go back there someday!
Luna said…
How cool you0re lanning to visit Europe, and italy!As Nilsa said, CInque Terre could have some differences now from when you first visited; there were heavy floodings and mudslides last year, now they say it's all back to normal...I've never been there but think it's pretty. What about Venice? It's ... "peculiar" :)

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