What I'm Loving Lately

These are always fun posts to write and read, so let's start the week on that note, okay? Here are a few things I've been loving recently.

Live Fashionable Scarf - I just got my Live Fashionable scarf in the mail on Friday and wore it Saturday to a BBQ at my parents for my little brother who just returned from Antarctica (and then a little hiking adventure with my dad around New Zealand and Australia). I then wore it again Sunday to do errands and study. Scarves not only make me feel cozy, but are an easy way to add a little color to your outfit.

What I love about Live Fashionable is that they have a seriously good mission behind their business. These scarves are made by women in Africa to give these women opportunities and some security. More information can be found on their website.

I also bought their scarves as one of the gifts for my bridesmaids along with a pair of Erin McDermott earrings that the girls wore for the wedding.

Leftovers that keep on giving - Last week I ate tasty leftovers for lunch and dinner almost every day. The lasagna and kale white bean soup I made the weekend prior were like gifts that keep on giving and made a hectic schedule just a bit easier on me.

Foamy cappuccinos (with a heavy dose of cinnamon) - In the last six months or so, this has become my go to drink when I'm at my favorite coffee shop studying. It is also just the thing I was craving after a rainy, muddy 12 mile trail run yesterday.

Moments of sun - Other than a few wacky bouts of snow, we've had a pretty mellow winter. That being said, I've been really craving warmth and sunshine lately. I keep trying to figure out how to escape to someplace sunny for a weekend. So when the sun showed up last Friday and brought us 65 degree temps, I was nothing but happy.

Week goals accomplished:
Because I told you guys I would foam roll and stretch, I almost lived up to my promise. I foam rolled 3x (Mon/Wed/Fri) and stretched after all but one run. In addition, I fit in three yoga classes and one at home flow. Three cheers for happy hamstrings!

How are you surviving this whole time change? Monday is feeling particularly rough for me.  There is just something about waking up in the dark that isn't as easy (or pleasant) as waking up with the sunrise. 


Jessica Jarrell said…
I love that scarf! That whole outfit is cute, with the white shirt and jeans. We are supposed to hit 70ยบ today, so I'm loving running outside again. Not as much of a rain-or-shiner like you :)
missris said…
Love the scarf! I got my mom one of those for Christmas and she wears it all the time (in Austin, where it is never cold, but that's beside the point, right?) :)
Amber said…
I LOVE that scarf! What a cool company concept and an amazing bridesmaid gift! I'm going to go check them out.

I am also loving sunshine and leftovers right now :)
I did OK with the timezone change. In a way, I feel like a timezone orphan to some extent because I change time zones fairly often. My sleep was already sort of off since I was traveling so I adapted to the lost hour fairly well. I don't like how dark it is when I walk to work but I do love the evening sunshine.

Things I am loving are trees that are flowering in Charlotte, sunshine, running, and the grapefruit I ate while I was in Florida.

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