Sometimes in life

For any other "type A's" out there, you might understand what I'm saying. And hopefully, if you're one of those other types that balances all us A's out, you'll appreciate this too.

As someone who prefers plans and order, I struggle with doing things on the fly or not according to the plan. But there are moments when I realize that just chilling the heck out are good for me too. So that's where this is coming from, in case you're wondering.

Sometimes in life... you just need to eat one more cookie at 10:00 p.m. before going to bed.

Sometimes in life... you need to be flexible and just do the damn social thing.

Sometimes in life... you need to go running with friends even if you had yoga class on your "schedule."

Sometimes in life... you need to drink the beer even if it means an extra 300-400 calories for the day.

Sometimes in life... you need to laugh when the dog shakes her wet self on you.

Sometimes in life... you need to find empathy for the person you would normally criticize inside.

Sometimes in life... you need to walk rather than run the hill.

Sometimes in life... you just need to cut yourself some slack.



What's your "Sometimes in life..." declaration?


Amber said…
SO with you on the saying yes to being social. I went for a spontaneous drink with a friend last Friday night even though my first instinct was to say no and I had SO much fun!
Lindsey said…
Sometimes in life... you have to step out of your comfort zone and do something that scares you.
Leigh said…
Amen to this! I am the worst for saying no to stuff because I have something else on the schedule (ie: a certain workout) or because I don't feel like being social
Amen to all of this. I feel like you and I are so similar since we like our schedules and struggle with spontaneity. I am so strict about certain things, but sometimes you just have to cut yourself some slack. Like last night for me it was finishing off a pint of frozen greek yogurt. I definitely ate more than 1 serving of it, but I don't eat foods like that often and I wanted it out of my freezer before Lent started today as I gave up sweets this year!
RunToTheFinish said…
Love it!!! I have definitely embraced that mentality over the last year...maybe a few days too many in the last month :) but I agree it's about finding your best nutrition and then knowing how to just enjoy life too!
Heather @ Dietitian on the Run said…
Aaaaamen. Yes, ma'am.
kware said…

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