Christmas feels like...

Christmas feels like... being lazy, eating too much, spending quality time on the couch, laughing to Grumpy Old Men, making whiskey Manhattans, and seeing snow on the ground. The list goes on. You could say we're well on our way to Christmas cheer.

It started out with Friday's cookie baking festivities at my friend Jenn's. She always has the prettiest Christmas tree. I love how the branches are so far apart. 

We did more socializing than anything, but managed to make sugar cookies, gingersnap, and sugared pecan balls. The pecan balls, in my opinion, are the BEST cookies with your morning coffee or tea. 

Can we talk about how awesome the OXO chopper is? Makes finely chopping nuts or veggies easy peasy!

Saturday morning, after a short night's sleep, the manfriend and I dropped off the dog and headed to central Oregon to meet up with the family. This view never gets old. I love how clear and sunny it always is in Bend, just a few hours from Eugene. 

Three Sisters mountains

After a huge grocery shop for the weekend, we headed to Deschutes Brewery for lunch and beers. How awesome is their Christmas tree? 

The beard is back

Half of us had the Red Chair Ale and the other half had the Black Butte Porter. Both are delicious. 

Sunday morning, we woke up at the rental house and I headed out for a run. The paths around here were pretty icy, so it was more of a jog, but still good to get some exercise in when indulging! Then the whole family headed on a walk for coffee.

This afternoon, we headed to Mt Bachelor for a little fun in the snow. 

Brother Kyle and his wife Sabrina

My dad, Pete and I headed out for a little 6K cross country loop. It was a little slushy  and I hadn't skiied in about four years, so I had a few falls at first, but then I was golden. 

Yes, it is a requirement that you look nerdy when cross country skiing... or maybe that's just me. 

So far, our time here in Bend has been just what I needed. I do miss my little brother Max who is in Antarctica, but we're keeping him in the loop with photos. I hope you're having a great weekend! 

Tell me: what are your top 3 favorite Christmas movies? We've watched Grump Old Men, White Christmas and The Holiday in the past 24 hours.

Okay, we're off to do some ice skating at the local rink. I think almost every muscle in my body is going to be sore tomorrow. I see a little yoga in my future.


Amber said…
Oh your Christmas holiday with family sounds PERFECT!! I am not even on Christmas holidays yet as I work a half day tomorrow but then I get 7 days off of work until the 2nd and I'm SO looking forward to it. It's just me, Eric, my mom and my brother for Christmas this year though so it will be super low key. Merry Christmas - enjoy the rest of your week with your family!
Your time in Bend sounds AWESOME!! I love cross country skiing but haven't gone in years!

My top 3 Christmas movies are Christmas Vacation, The Holiday, and Love Actually!

Enjoy the time with your family in Bend!! And Merry Christmas to you & Pete!
Leigh said…
Looks like you are having fun with your family so far! I haven't been cross country skiing in a while, but it's quite the workout! Fun too especially when I fall on my butt :)

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