'Tis the Season

Good morning and happy FRIDAY! Has it felt like we're one day further in the week than we really are to anyone else this week? I guess I'll blame it on Christmas anticipation.

With two more weeks off from school, I've enjoyed doing and dreaming of all the things that my non student, full time employed self did.

Tuesday, the manfriend and I watched Love Actually after dinner. Hard to imagine I hadn't watched it yet this season.

Wednesday, I went to Lifeforce Fitness for the first time in 10+ weeks! The most challenging things we did were: 80 star jumps (w/ mini breaks) and 6 sets of 10 hanging knee ups alternated with 10 push ups.

Yesterday, I did a daily double, as in a morning and evening speed workout with the group. And tonight I'm baking Christmas cookies with my friend Jenn!

Last night I also prepped some of the gingersnap cookie dough and made these tasty little pretzel turtles. I'd seen them before on the Pioneer Woman's blog and then yesterday from Bobbi of nhershoes. They're super easy and would be fun to take to a party or even wrap up really cute and give away as gifts.

And then this weekend, I'll be spending some serious lazy time hanging out in Bend with the fam. SO excited to have no obligations other than to HAVE FUN.

Fashion Friday
It's been a while, eh? Well, fall term was definitely not full of super cute outfits, but occasionally I lucked out and liked what I wore to work & school. It really is a tough balance to try to dress business casual, while being comfortable enough to sit in class for up to three hours at a time (i.e. M/W 6-9 p.m. A&P class). 

First up: preppy casual. Early this fall I scored a few items during a JCrew Factory sale at 40% off. These cords were a good purchase indeed as they're comfy, well fitting and fairly versatile. 

Shirt: Gap, sweater: LOFT, pants: JCrew Factory, shoes: DSW

Secondly: Purple pop! I don't have many work outfits I can really wear these boots with as they are a bit more on the casual side, but I feel like they usually work with this dress. Guess that means I need another pair of boots... ;) It is my birthday in a few weeks, so I may finally bite the bullet on a new pair.  

Scarf: TJ Maxx, Necklace: LOFT, Dress: Old Navy, shirt: LOFT, boots: Clarks

What is the dress code where you work? And your best fashion investment? Did you do anything fun to get in the holiday spirit this week? 


missris said…
I love that dress! My work dress code is pretty strict and pretty dressy, so most of the time I feel like I look booooring. Suit pants, button downs, close-toed shoes. Yawn.
Amber said…
I am basically LIVING in tights and baggy/comfy dresses or leggings and big sweaters with knitted scarves these days. I either wear my ankle boots or my knee high boots every day and the whole goal of my outfits every day is COMFORT!

Have a great and relaxing weekend. I have to work a half day on Monday and then I'm officially on holidays for 9 days! Can't wait!
Cute! I love both of your outfits! You look great in both of them!

The dress code where I work is a blend between business casual and business professional. I wear skirts and dresses most days. I haven't been able to wear heels in 4 months and all of my pants are altered for heels, so I am glad the climate allows for skirts and dresses in the winter. :) I am hoping i can return to wearing heels soon, though, so I can start wearing some of my dress pants.

I hope you are having a fabulous time in Bend with your family!

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