Holiday Favorites

Hello and happy Monday! After a long {hopefully relaxing} weekend for most of us, I thought it would be fun to share a few things that have been making my fall and holiday seasons just a little bit happier. After all, it really is the little things in life...

Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint Candle, $10 on sale
This was one of my black Friday purchases from 2012. I got sucked in to Bath and Body Works when I smelled all their holiday candles. It makes the house smell fabulous and it's huge so it will last forever

Meyer's Cranberry Dish Soap, Target for $3.99
This was totally an impulse purchase, but let's be honest many a Target purchases end up that way. The cranberry scent and general cleansing factors sold me. Plus, it will make washing your dishes just that more pleasant. 

Trader Joe's Barely Buzzed Cheese, price depends on the slice you get ($10.99/lb)
This cheese is perfect for a party or a tasty snack. I initially bought it for a wine & cheese party we went to a few weeks ago and it hit the spot. This hard cheese (maybe a cheddar?) is rubbed with lavender and espresso. Put a slice of this on a rice cracker and grab a sip of red wine. You won't be disappointed. 

Trader Joe's Spiced Apple Cider, $2.99
Growing up, every year I would ask my mom to buy those cider spice packs and some apple juice so we could have hot apple cider during the holidays. This tastes just as good, but is much easier as it's all in one container. This has been a nice treat in the early mornings (both weekday and weekends) and I've even heated it up and taken it with me in a to-go cup to work. It's like a much cheaper version of a morning Starbucks run!

Warning: your house will smell divine after heating this up. On that note, this would be a perfect thing to heat up just before guests arrive for a holiday party or dinner.

Erath Pinot Noir 2011, $9.99 on sale at our grocery store
It's rare that I buy a bottle over $10 for general drinking, unless it's for a special occasion. Erath's 2011 Pinot Noir was surprisingly enjoyable with having a bit more complexity than I'm used to for a $10 bottle. Pinot Noirs also have a tendency to be a bit much for me {too oaky or something}, but this one was totally drinkable without being pretentious and would be great for a dinner party or as a host(ess) gift.

Tell me: What little things have been making you extra happy this season? 


Amber said…
Our Christmas tree makes me insanely happy every time I walk into our living room and also yes to the holiday candles. I have been lighting them a lot and it's been making our house smell lovely!
missris said…
This time of year we buy the cinnamon brooms from Trader Joe's and they make the house smell AMAZING. Totally worth the $3.99.
Leigh said…
I love holiday smelling candles! Nothing beats them :)
Unknown said…
Ooh that cheese sounds up my alley!

I love having a tree up, but so much work to get one these days! I will just let the boy s pick because I get outvoted :) I really like holiday candle smells too. It's funny to day this, but Glade makes some great holiday plug-in scents.
I love the holiday scented candles as well, as the holiday scented soaps from B&BW. It makes my home feel more cozy when I am burning a candle so I have been doing that when I am around on the weekends.

I am loving Starbucks drinks lately. I still try to limit my intake to once a week, but occasionally I will get a 50% off coupon so will treat myself to an extra one when that happens.
Lindsey said…
I need to get my hands on that dish soap! I checked at Market of Choice but they don't have it. I'll need to make a special trip to Target!
Elizabeth said…
Um, salivating....and day dreaming of that peppermint candle. I LOVE peppermint....

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