Week in Workouts

This week was a pretty decent balance of running with a bit of fun cross training mixed in. Here's a look at what I did.

Monday - Summer Shape Up strength circuit (am), 7 mile group run (pm)

Tuesday - Easy day, 25 min of spinning followed by 20 min strength (Tone it Up) (pm)

Wednesday - 3.75 mile run (am), 30 mile bike ride with Lindsey (pm) Beautiful night and slowly feeling stronger on the bike

Thursday - 6 mile SPEED work on the track (pm), stretched and foam rolled Workout included: 10 min warm up, drills, 1 mile @ tempo pace, 800m @ mile pace, 6 x 400m at 5K pace, 10 min cool down. Youch! The hammies were feeling this workout. 

Friday - Insanity plyometric circuit (37 min of sweaty craziness) + short and easy jog with the dog (am)

Saturday - Bike to and from yoga (6 mi), power yoga, run 1.23 miles looking for the manfriend who was out on a 7 mile run! (am)

More cross training = squatting down and picking a big bucket of strawberries (pm)

Sunday - Woke up before 6 am! Shoved on the shoes and was out the door for 9 miles of pure peacefulness before a day of wedding planning.

Also miraculously had a negative split run where I was seeing a few sub 8 min miles. Random thought of the run: amazing what you can do when you actually believe you can

Days foam rolled: 2/7

While I'm great about fitting in my workouts (because it's a priority to me), I want to get better about getting off my rear at lunch and taking a walk. With things being so busy lately, I've often found myself sitting at my desk through lunch and just eating while working. No bueno. 

The food front: As I'm sure you all have experienced, when life is busy, making healthy and varied meals is challenging. As a result, I needed to mix it up this weekend. Thursday, we tried a new spot, First National Taphouse for beer and pulled pork sliders for him and a prosciutto & cheese melt for her. Friday, we finally got our engagement photos done and grabbed a quick dinner afterward at Turtles - big salad with grilled chicken for her and mac 'n cheese & salad for him.

Saturday, we picked up some fresh cod at the fish market that we used for dinner both yesterday and today. I sauteed a mixture of veggies, onion and black beans to go with the cod. Saturday, we enjoyed the mixture in little corn tacos and Sunday, in salads.

On the wedding front, we're less than 30 days out! Things are getting real, as in, they need to happen now or never. My friend Jenn helped me do some planning today. We spent a few hours talking about my ideas and running around to Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics and Home Depot.

My mindset these days in wedding mode is if I don't have the time to make it and it's something I really want at our wedding, it's totally worth buying. Thank goodness for Etsy and those who craft for a living!

How was your week and weekend?


That is crazy but so exciting that your wedding is < 30 days away! I hope it all comes together in these final weeks, but I know that it will. I am glad you are letting yourself buy the things you just don't have the time to craft! Hopefully that helps w/ your stress level!

You had a strong week of workouts. It's great that you are doing so much cross-training!
Tasha Malcolm said…
Less than 30 days?! Wow!!! I am so excited for you. Everything will turn out perfect. It always does. :-)

That Thursday workout looked killer! Great job.
Those strawberries look delicious! What do you have planned for them?

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