Wedding: The Bridal Shower

Sunday kicked off the first of the official wedding activities with my bridal shower in Portland. Lindsey and I left Eugene early with coffee in hand to make the trek and catch up on life. She and Sonny are getting married a week after the manfriend and I, so it's always fun to chat about planning (and procrastinating). 

Thanks to Lindsey for snapping the photos. I didn't grab my big camera before leaving the house so these photos aren't the greatest quality from my point & shoot and phone. 

When we arrived, the food was set out, the flowers were being beautifully arranged and the mimosa bar was open!

Jenn put together a rockin' mimosa bar.
Note to self: do this at home on a random Sunday

Sabrina (my brother Kyle's wife) was the hostess with the mostest and made their townhouse look extra cute. They just bought a house in Portland so they will be moving sometime in the next month just a handful of blocks away from their current location.

The spread included pasta salad, cucumber salad, caprese toothpicks, strawberries to dip, bread and cream cheese w/ jam, chocolate cupcakes with raspberry frosting and watermelon + goat cheese.

The ladies

Friends included those from Eugene, my cousin and high school friends

Lindsey, Brendel, Taylor, Jessica & Candice

Jenn and grandma Jean

After eating and chatting, it was time for a little trivia! First off, Jessica asked things of the ladies about me (my first car, my nickname, # of marathons, etc.) and then she had a few questions for me to answer what Pete would have said. 

Luckily, they weren't too tough. 

What does he like most about me? I said "probably my sarcasm" and he said "I like everything about her, but most of all her drive to be successful." 

What do I like most about him? I said "that he's hilarious" and he said pretty much the same thing.

After trivia, it was time for presents. Quite frankly, I think this post should be titled "The Many (unattractive) Faces of Lauren," but that doesn't sound so exciting, does it? 

Lucky for you, I've got many to share...

First, I give you the cheesey face with my bling ring and bride sash. 

Derp, I don't know. Thank you for the dish cloth and check grams!

Eeps, this is my "I'm so excited we finally have good pans to cook on that won't give us cancer"face!

Bah, my mom and Pete's mom unknowingly each bought the SAME exact card for me with their gift of our pots and pans set.

Just a wee bit surprised

Not really sure, but Judy did a lovely job of making my bows into a little bouquet

I must say, opening gifts in front of a room full of people is a bit unnerving, but everyone was incredibly generous. We now don't have room for another item in our house. Boxes, boxes, everywhere! 

Sabrina did an amazing job as party planner! Their house was so cutely decorated and she did a great job at incorporating things I liked. 

I was amazed how quickly the time flew and I still felt like I only managed to have a few conversations with people. I guess it's practice for the big day!

On the running front: Last week was my first week back to running on the regular and I managed to fit in 23 miles. I can already feel my IT bands, knees and hamstring talking to me. This means I owe myself some serious stretch and foam roller time.


lisa fine said…
So fun! I love following along with your engagement journey since we're on that road too. Looks like a great time, and like you have a lot of love.
Redhead Running said…
My least favorite part of the bridal shower was looking at all the pics and being like, wow, I make some awesome faces. LOL! Looks like it was a great time!!!
Gracie said…
So fun! And cute dress for the shower.
Amber said…
That looks like SO MUCH FUN! I love the mimosa bar. What a cute idea!! I'm glad you had such a wonderful bridal shower - well deserved!
Oh fun! I love the mimosa bar - that is such a great idea! I am glad that you were showered with love and great presents. Enjoy those pots and pans! :)

Anonymous said…
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It looks like you had an awesome bridal shower! The spread looks fantastic and I love all the pics of you opening gifts.

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