It's Getting Hot Out Here*

Hellooooo Friday! I hope you have something relaxing planned this weekend. We have a board meeting so I'll be working late today and then all of Saturday. And Sunday kicks off the first of the wedding celebrations... my bridal shower!

What I'm looking forward to most about our wedding celebrations is having so many of the people we care about in one place. After all, how often does that happen in life?

She's feelin' hot hot hot
You know what says summer to me? Starbucks' half passion, half green tea with one honey. My favorite way to order it.

It's the perfect drink when you want something cool with a little flavor, but don't need the caffeine kick of an iced coffee or Americano. 

Happy National Running Day! I was reminded what it felt like to run early. The body was juuust waking up around mile 2. 

I did in fact get one honk on this run. Hoping that's because they loved my obnoxiously bright outfit. 

Fashion Friday
This is probably the most basic way I've worn this skirt. Often, it's paired with a bright top. But even so, the print and some heels alone are enough. 

Top: Ann Taylor, skirt: Loft, heels: Tahari

Call me a lizard. I've been literally basking in this glorious sun we've been enjoying. Wednesday, I say outside during lunch munching on my pasta salad over spinach.

My favorite summer meal is in fact chilled rainbow pasta w/ diced olives, onion, tomatoes, green pepper, garlic salt, balsamic and olive oil. It's easy to throw together and works great to make large batches at a time.

Last night, I got out of work late and met the run group for a few laps around the track (they were doing a speed workout, I just popped by to say hi as I was late). After a mile or so, I headed out the path for a few more miles on my own.

Somehow, each mile got faster. Seriously, I have no idea why or how. My legs felt tired (thanks to lots of lifting at Lifeforce on Wed) and my whole body was overheated. But with each mile, the Garmin beeped faster - 8:35, 8:23, 8:07, 8:01.

Whatever it is, sometimes you just gotta run with it. {Pun intended}

Your favorite thing about this week? 

The sun tends to bring me a better mood no matter what, so that has been a real blessing. But my favorite thing about this week was catching up with my friend Jenn after Lifeforce on Friday with a few tacos, chips and salad at El Torito. It reminded me that I don't spend enough time just talking and laughing with friends. 

*And by hot I mean high 70s to 80s. Don't forget, it's Oregon after all. 


Amber said…

Have a great time at your bridal shower. Spending lots of time with all your loved ones and having them surround you is DEFINITELY one of the best parts about getting married!
Hooray for sunshine and warmer temps! It's been a rainy, humid week here, but hopefully the sun comes out this weekend. I did manage to catch one hour of sunshine in between rain showers and enjoyed a HH cocktail on a patio.

I love that skirt! And your bright running outfit. I am envious of all those who were able to run on National Running Day... hopefully I will be back at it in 2-3 weeks!

This weekend is full of fun things for me. I think the best thing will be waking up tomorrow morning and not having to sit down and study for 6 hours! Enjoy your bridal shower!!
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