Ah, the Marathon

The runners and spectators coming from out of town, the racers tapering and trying to ward off pre race gitters, the expo, the carb loading (and reloading), the traffic. I love it all. Just the anticipation of a big ole running event makes me happy. 

I'm not even racing this year and look at me babble on like I'm ready to tackle that 26.2. I'm going to be smiling at every runner I see on Sunday and won't miss the post race gatherings around town. It's the next best thing to running the marathon as I see it - spectator extraordinaire. I can't believe it's been a year since that near Boston qualifier and the manfriend's proposal!

For anyone just stopping by the blog and Eugene for the first time, check out my suggestions on where to go and what to do during marathon weekend! 

I highly recommend shaking out the legs on Pre's Trail. I took this photo on Wednesday evening as I was practically skipping through my miles in 70 degree weather. 

This is my ridiculously happy to be running in a tank top and shorts face.

The last few weeks of work have been extremely busy. Today, I'm not sure I looked away from my screen at times for a good hour or so. I left work a few hours early because I'm working an event early tomorrow morning and just needed some time to myself.

At the end of these kinds of days, it just feels like you need a complete mind dump. Luckily, I got in some good runs and bike rides to try and clear the clutter.

Recognize this place? Hello, Hayward Field. Even as a long time resident of Eugene, it always feels special to run here.

Our Flyers speed group (coached by Ian Dobson) has been meeting here the last few weeks and last night was an especially painful workout: warm up, 3 x (1,000m @ 5K pace, 400m @ mile pace & 200m @ FAST pace), cool down. Warmer than usual temps paired with those 1,000 meter things were killer.

In rare fashion, I actually stretched and foam rolled last night... Pain radiating down my legs this week was a sure sign they needed the extra attention.

Fashion Friday
I stepped up my outfit game just a wee bit this week. It had been slackin'. But as we get into the warmer months, my wardrobe is more exciting, making it easier to be creative (goodbye daily black pants and Danskos).

I still have no regrets purchasing this skirt full price. It makes me happy every time I put it on.

Cardigan: Target, yellow top & skirt: LOFT, flats: Payless shoes

May I present to you... casual Friday. Colored jeans make me exponentially happier - the brighter, the better.

And with that I say, Happy Friday eve! How's the weather in your neck of the woods? 


I love the excitement of race weekend, too> I will get to experience it back to back weekends in October since the Minneapolis marathon is the weekend before the Chicago marathon (which hopefully I will be able to run... fingers crossed I heal quickly).

I love both of those outfits! Hooray for spring weather which seems to make dressy cute way easier! I am rocking colored jeans today too (red).
I love the colored pants! They are so spring-like! It's so much easier to dress more fun when it's warmer outside! Good luck to everyone running the marathon!
I was so sad I wasn't in Eugene this year. So freaking sad! Was it hard to not run today???
missris said…
My summer wardrobe is so much happier than my winter wardrobe. Goodbye, grey pants and black shirts. Hello, color!
Anonymous said…
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Great photos (especially the one on Pre's trail with Autzen peeking through the trees) and I love your outfits! So inspiring! I so wish I was a runner as you always make me want to become one when reading your posts.
Anonymous said…
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