Lately Loves

I haven't done one of these fun posts in a while, so why not? Last week was super busy with an event all week, so it was hard to fit in running, food making and sanity. I'm hoping this week is a bit better.

Lately, I've been loving...

Sun. on a Saturday. while sipping wine.

This face. {It goes without saying, but I had to use this pic.} Post 70 mile ride exhaustion face. Hard to imagine he'll be my "husband" in less than three months! When the whole wedding thing happens to you, it all goes much faster than you imagine and it seems a bit surreal, in a good way.

Navy + lace. I was really hoping to love this shirt from Tar-get, but it has a drawstring at a funny place in the midline so I didn't buy it.

E-filing taxes. So much more handy than paper forms.

Mango and pink everything. While these are not my wedding colors, they just make me extremely happy. I now own a pair of pink cropped work pants, which are much more springy than my baggy black pairs.

This book: A Practical Wedding. Because every time I start to have a panic attack about something wedding related, this book reminds me that weddings used to be short notice, in home affairs. The fuss and fancy we know of weddings today started in the 1920's and has just exploded since then. And many of the "traditions" we think of typical to weddings (unity candle, bridesmaids, bouquets) were created not that long ago. The bottom line from this author is: It's your wedding. Do what you want. 

Easing back on my workouts because I can. Oddly enough, I'm still super excited for the Eugene Marathon that will be happening in two weeks because it will be one big massive runner party. And after the marathon, friends are meeting up at Ninkasi to celebrate with our own Picky Bars peeps, Lauren Fleshman and Jesse Thomas who recently moved to Bend.

Oh, and I may just happen to run longish on Marathon Sunday that closely resembles the marathon course. Not planning to run 26.2 because these legs are nowhere near ready for that, but I might crank out 15+. You know, to celebrate my engagement marathon one year later.

And finally, good luck to all you BOSTON MARATHONERS out there! You've put in all the hard work. Now it's time to just enjoy the reward of 26.2. Someday, I'll be there with you.

Anything special you've been loving lately? My mom and I are going shopping today in search of wedding shoes, her dress and maybe a rehearsal dinner outfit. Hoping it's all fairly painless.


Oh wow, it is crazy that your engagement-versary is so soon! I still vividly remember getting that exciting text from you that day!!

Things I am loving lately are the beautiful sunshine and warm weather we've had in Charlotte and the fact that I live closer to a Trader Joe's (that doesn't seem to be so crazy busy like the ones in Minneapolis were).
I can't believe it has been almost a year since I met you in Eugene and you got engaged. You have such a cool engagement story to tell your future kids. I also loved sipping on my wine yesterday. It made my day perfect.
missris said…
Wow I can't believe it's been a year! Happy engagement anniversary!
Amber said…
Ditto what other commenters have said, crazy it's already been a year!!

Right now I am LOVING our newly painted and decorated living room! We threw a couple hundred dollars and SEVERAL hours into it this weekend and the transformation is amazing!
Anonymous said…
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