Weekend Adventures

My extra long weekend was great, but per the usual I packed 5,000 things into four short days, which means I'm extra tired today (and trying to catch up on work projects).

Saturday morning, I was treated to an epic solo run. It was one of those runs where the weather and scenery was just so perfect that I had a smile on my face the entire time. Relaxation at its finest.


It was foggy as I set out and then the sun came out about half way into the run. One of my first ipod runs in a while. 

 After the run, I took a speed shower and headed to yoga to stretch out my uber tight hamstrings. 

We had a memorial service to attend that afternoon in Portland. And while the event was sad and surreal, the food was delicious. Someone enjoyed a massive piece of banana cake in Shirean's honor.


After carb loading at Easter brunch with the fam, the manfriend, Jonah Bell and I headed out to the trails. He was mountain biking, I was running and Jonah Bell was chasing Pete. 

Despite its appearance, the trail had its muddy spots and Jonah was the first to spot them and lay down in any bit of mud she could. Gotta love dogs. 

 The dog always keeps things interesting

After an hour of time on the trails, we were all pretty tuckered out. I didn't really take a rest day last week and the events of the weekend had really caught up to me. I nearly fell asleep at 7 pm in front of the TV.

This week, I'm starting Tina's Best Body Bootcamp again, which I did about a year ago. Today's workout was mostly arm focused, which I can't complain about. The legs get a lot of work regardless.

While I'm not following some "bridal slim down" program to get ready for the wedding, I do want to feel fit, strong and healthy on our big day. In the next few months, I will likely focus more on clean eating and limit the amount of treats and alcoholic drinks I consume.

How was your weekend? Anyone fooled by a clever April Fool's joke? I'm not a big jokester, but I do appreciate the jokes that are really thought out, like the Redbox lunch meat ad. BTW, I hope this never becomes our grocery shopping reality.


Sounds like a fun, full weekend! I am glad you got a great solo run in! My weekend was pretty light on the exercise. I ran with Phil on Friday but then took Saturday AND Sunday off. So runner fail there. I had a great time celebrating Easter with my family but the time went way too fast.

I strongly dislike April Fools jokes. I don't like to feel like a fool, which is how I feel when I fall for pranks. I know that makes me a bit of a fun hater, but oh well!
I totally tried to cram way too much into my weekend too, haha oops! Your run looks gorgeous, beautiful scenery!
Leigh said…
Looks like you had a great weekend! And gorgeous weather (no snow on the ground!) too.
Tasha Malcolm said…
I was always cram a million things into my long weekends so that when they are over I feel absolutely exhausted. Glad that you had a good weekend. Looks like you had fun despite some sad circumstances too.

Nobody has played an April fools joke on me yet. :-)
chris mcpeake said…
Now thats a busy weekend!
Amber said…
I also enjoy April Fool's jokes that are well thought out! I think overall April Fool's jokes are all in good fun.

Sounds like a busy but great weekend! Ours was the same way and it included LOTS of driving!
My weekend was very similar to yours: running, eating, running... we had some rain which caused muddy trails here too, but it was still a lot of fun! I don't like April Fools jokes; I hate feeling stupid and I always do when I get fooled!

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