Running on the Regular

Just like that, two weeks of reset are over! While I kept pretty busy thanks to work and wedding stuff, I wasn't following a rigid plan or pushing too hard on the workouts I fit in.

Things I did well:

  • Not freaking out on days I didn't run
  • Kept mileage low (13-15 miles both weeks)
  • Ran more for the stress relief than the calorie burn
  • Enjoyed an activity I rarely make time for - hiking!
  • Joined the running group for dinner & beer 
  • Found other cardio alternatives to running
  • Ate ice cream (cookies 'n cream for him, chocolate for her)

It's rare that I workout with others (unless I'm running with the group) so I was happy that Lindsey and I planned a hike together. It really is the best of both worlds when you get to exercise outdoors AND have a social life. 

I often ditch out on the post speed workout dinner and beer because I'm picky about restaurants, but last Thursday the group was going to The Bier Stein (which I love), so the manfriend and I joined them. Who doesn't love cheesy melty sandwiches with the perfect side salad and a selection of freshly tapped brews at your fingertips??

The Spice of Life
Since my coworker loaned me her month 1 of Insanity videos, I took the opportunity to take them for a spin. Each video lasts about 45-50 minutes, including a warm up, stretch, workout and cool down stretch, but packs a real PUNCH!

Seeing this photo makes me want to clean our dining/workout room. :)

Over the last few weeks, I tried... the Fit Test, Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs, Cardio Power & Resistance and the Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Think lots of jumping (power jumps from a squat, tucking up the knees and slapping the quads), short cardio circuits that get increasingly faster, push up jacks, and ultimately a whole lot of sweat drippage! 

While I would usually tell myself "I'll hop on the bike after this or go for a short run," that 45 minutes of Insanity was often plenty for me. The soreness sets in almost as soon as the workout is over. 

I also managed to hop on the bike a few times for a trainer ride or riding to work, but I didn't get to cruise around the bike path casually like I'd hoped for. I guess that's what summer's for, eh?

Back to Running on the Regular
Monday it was back to running for this sassafras! I warmed up for a mile and then Danielle and I ran at a decent clip ranging from 8:05-8:30 miles in 75 degree heat for the next five. It's crazy what a difference the heat makes. Feels like energy is just being sucked right outta you!

Now I'm planning to pick out a training plan and work backwards from the race date (Chicago Marathon, Oct. 13) to determine my mileage and workouts. 

In addition to simply fitting in the miles, there are two things I want to work hard at this training season: 1. Working on weaknesses (right glute) 2. Foam rolling & stretching. 

Something to try: Exercises to Prevent Common Running Injuries (Runner's World)
Wall press, clam shells and the stability ball bridge are all exercises I've been prescribed in the past by a PT to help build my glute strength. It's nice to have these reminders and see someone else do them. 


You even manage to look cute while working out and afterwards! Also, your hair getting so long!

I am still side lined from running but am able to use the stationary bike and swim now. So I am trying to do 2-a-day workouts 2-3 times a week where I bike in the morning and swim at night. I feel really gross after 7-8 weeks of inactivity (I recumbent biked but don't feel that counts) so hopefully by upping the workouts, I'll start to look and feel like myself again.
Tasha Malcolm said…
Insanity is super tough. I could only do it for about 30 days before my knees felt like they were going to break.
Amber said…
Great job taking some time back. That's a great way to hop into a training plan. I have to admit I keep forgetting about Chicago since I'm SO focused on the 50K right now. But hopefully that will just help me when it comes to Chicago!
Elizabeth said…
Awesome! Glad you got in on the Insanity work-outs :) You survived your re-set :)

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