For Boston

Just as everyone else is, I've been a state of somewhat shock since Monday afternoon. It doesn't feel real. When I woke up this morning, for about five seconds I forgot about Boston... until I didn't.

I wore my Victoria Marathon pull over today (with business pants and heels) because as I runner and part of this community, I feel attacked and connected to it all. As someone said on twitter, an attack on a few of us feels like an attack on all of us. While this running community might be huge and expansive, it is tightly knit.

Last night I had tears in my eyes as I banged out five chilly miles that ended in a downpour of hail. Typically, Monday evening runs are easy, fun runs with the group, but last night, I just kept pushing and pushing for all those who couldn't.

Today was an active recovery after a tough strength am cardio circuit and a run yesterday. I opted for a lunchtime walk in the sun, a short bike ride to the store and some deck yoga after work.

Not gonna lie, my brain was in a fog today and the fresh air was much needed.

Tonight's practice was a fun folding practice via YogaGlo - lots of hammy stretching!

As I did yoga, Jonah Bell roamed the back yard, occasionally trying to convince me to throw the ball for her. I love how dogs here something and just stop like a deer in their tracks to figure it out. 

At the grocery store, I picked up another back of Love Grown granola (because it's delish). I got our local store to stock it so I figure I better do my part in buying & eating it!

Psst... I also picked up some butter pecan ice cream. Oh my lanta it is good! After denying ice cream cravings for a few weeks, I finally bit the bullet. Per the usual, 1 serving for me and 3 servings for the manfriend in a sitting.

After the horrific events in Boston on Monday, it has been a relief to hear of the many people who have opened their hearts, homes and lives to total strangers in such incredible ways. But I pray we don't have to endure many more of these tragedies. I want to live in a place where I don't have to be afraid of going to large public events, where I trust that humanity knows what its doing and that it cares for each and every individual.  

I will continue to keep Boston in my heart and prayers and send love to my friends and family. My runs and workouts this week are also going to be a little bit sweatier this week as a result. 


I tried to write a post to sum up how I felt about what happened in Boston, but I just couldn't find the words. It is just so awful. We live in such a sad world these days as nothing is sacred these days it seems. But I think the outpouring of love, support, and donations has been encouraging and is a reminder that while we don't live in a perfect world, humanity always prevails. I just wish the venomous people who do these things would realize that and stop.
Amber said…
Ugh the whole thing in Boston is just awful. It hit me really hard too and I basically spent all of Monday staring at Twitter. Definitely thought about those people on my runs yesterday and today.

On a different note, that's your backyard Jonah Bell is in?? It's GORGEOUS! Look at how green and nice it is!
Unknown said…
So glad you were able to get out for a run to remember, even with it ending in hail- which seems fitting for a somber, reflective run. Did you go to the Eugene run at alton baker park?

I like your choice in work attire- minus the heels :)

The granola sounds good right now! And your pup is cute!!

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