Weekend Hangover

Homecoming Hangover - that's what was going on in our office today. My body and mind is completely exhausting after the few months of prep work and a 14 hr work day on Friday.

The weekend didn't necessarily do me many favors, but personally, I'd rather be exhausted from having too much fun and being outdoors all day long. That's my kind of party.

We headed back to Bend for the Halloween cyclocross race held at Deschutes Brewery (mmm... Black Butte Porter).

With a 6 am wake up call on Saturday to get Pete to his bike race in Bend on time, my body wasn't feeling it. I opted to take Saturday as a "rest" day just walking around a few miles and doing some easy pedaling on my bike.

Butt shots are the best. 

Best decision the manfriend made - bringing my commuter bike with us to Bend! So when he needed the car for hauling his bike or changing into/out of race gear, I had my own transportation.

Sunday's workout involved 6 miles of biking to and from Groove Yoga for an awesome hot yoga class to current pop music. After 90 minutes of stretching, pushing myself in challenging poses and dripping sweat, the muscles were sufficiently satisfied.

I'd love to find a studio to do a family/friend private yoga class the day before our wedding next summer, but I don't think Groove Yoga is quite it. It would likely be a bit too intense for what I'm looking for.

Sunday's race was the infamous costume race and these cyclocrossers are one creative crowd.

Manfriend climbs the hill of death

Male beer maid showing some skin

Mario and Luigi!

Watching the only tandem in the race was hilarious. There was a huge hill the racers had to ride or run up and it was extra entertaining with Mario and Luigi (and their long bike). Falling over/getting up on a bike with two people is more complicated than one. 

In between races, I tried to do some studying in the car or at the motel, but it wasn't easy with my exhaustion level. At this point, it's all about getting through the term and doing as much as I can. 

Quizzes, tests, another midterm... it just keeps coming! 

Tonight I ran a good 8 miles (5 with friend D) before meeting the manfriend at the laundromat (our dryer broke). Dinner tonight was takeout phad thai from one of my favorite Thai joints. I just couldn't deny my Thai craving any longer. 

Anyway, I needed a little distraction from all this Hurricane Sandy talk (and hospital evacuations) on twitter. Thinking of so many of you out there who are being affected by this crazy weather. Hang tight! 

Congrats, Heather for a great marathon and BQ! 


I think a yoga class the day before the wedding sounds like a wonderful idea! I hope you find a studio that you like! When/if I get married, I would like to do a 5k at some point during the weekend. It would be a good way to show my guests a part of the city they might not see otherwise, as I would probably do it around one of our lakes.

You are SO busy, LADY! I am so impressed by all the workouts you are fitting in amidst working and class and studying! Well done!!!
Thanks for the shout-out, Sass! :)

Thought of you & Pete - D & I will be volunteering at a Cross race on Sunday (his team puts it on), and it'll be my first taste of the sport! I'm pretty pumped to see what it's all about (and be the one on the sidelines, haha). We're also thinking about going to the National Cross race in January - any chance you two will be there?? D knows one of the people involved in planning, so there's a good chance we'll head down!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I am impressed how you keep up with everything Lauren. I thought I was busy, but you are even busier than me!
Cyclocross looks like a lot of fun, but I think I would be afraid of getting hurt. Do you see a lot of people with scraps and bruises????
Elizabeth said…
I second the hilarity of the Mario Bros costumes and the deliciousness of Black Butte Porter :) Sounds like it was a mix of some relaxation but still busy in terms of the weekend. Hope the next few weeks pass quickly but are quite enjoyable!

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