Great Pumpkin RUN Recap

It's been just a little while since I've run a 10K - this here blog says Steve's Run in Michigan in July 2009 was my last!

That last 10K was run in 52:04 (my old PR). Yesterday? 46:14 - can you say 'PR' ?!

Could have done with shorts instead. The knickers were a bit warm. 

Loved the rainbow of trees here. Took during my 12 min warm up jog.

I planned to go out strong, but safe (7:45-8 min pace) and then start to push around mile 3 or 4. Well, per the usual of a small race, everyone surged at the beginning, myself included.

As we left the fairgrounds to hit the bike path and rolling country roads, I glanced at my watch to see a 6:54 pace - not exactly easing into it. So I reigned it in and held a steady 7:30s for a bit.

At the halfway point and about 5 rolling hills, I realized I was likely the first female and hoped I could maintain that (a first for me).

I used two guys to really push me and not let them drift ahead. I also used the downhills to hammer it. The last two miles of this race were the fastest I think I've ever raced - sub 7's baby!

As I rounded the corner back to the fairgrounds, I sprinted my little heart out to cross that finish line. I grabbed a slice of Great Harvest bread and water and then headed for a short cool down.

A few funny things I noticed. You know you're running a small race when...
  • The marker for Mile 1 is at 0.5 mile. Not even close, people. 
  • The race announcer said we'd be brain dead after 6 miles so "don't forget to go down the RIGHT chute toward the beer tent" (10K and 5K were happening simultaneously). 
  • Your prizes are SWEET 
  • You win overall fastest female, but then don't win your age group (just odd)

All in all, it was a PERFECT day for running. I'm so happy I made the trek up to Corvallis to race an uncommon (for me) distance and location. The trees were beautiful with their changing leaves and it was fun to see my mom and aunt for a bit.

My mom, aunt and I look very Halloweeny. 
And with my bright red/orange face, I pretty much look like a little pumpkin. ;)

So for winning the fastest female, I got a personal sized, locally made pumpkin with gingerbread crust cheesecake (and a little plaque)! It is to die for. Seriously, I need more of these in my life. --> Thank you, Taylor Street Ovens!

Anyway, at $17, the Homelife Great Pumpkin Run was a affordable, fun, well organized and for a good cause. Homelife supports people with developmental disabilities to live active, productive and independent lives. 

Mile splits: 7:35, 7:36, 7:49 (hills, tired), 7:27, 6:59, 6:55, 6:35 (.28 mi).

P.S. Have you guys visited Athlinks? I just was trying to find my PR for the 10K and found this website. Great aggregate of almost all of the races I'd done. No longer will I have to spend tons of time trying to dig through old race results to find my past times. 


abbi said…
Congrats! I love Athlinks too!
Tasha Malcolm said…
I love athlinks, but haven't been on my account for a while.
Congrats on the PR- you shaved off some serious minutes. I am confused as to how you were fastest overall female, but didn't win your does that work?
Nice work, you speedster, you! Well done on 1st female! Gosh you have gotten fast. That is a super cheap race! I haven't ran a 10k since last Thanksgiving. I would like to do one this year on Thanksgiving but I think i will be at the cabin.

I have used Athlinks! I like it but I wish I could block others from seeing it as I am embarrassed about some of my times. Ha.
Raquelita said…
Wow! Congrats on that shiny new PR and the first overall female! You are a speedster!
whoop!! Love killing those old PRs :) Such a good feeling to know you keep getting stronger. Congrats, Sass!
Lindsey said…
That is a huge PR! Congrats! That's pretty funny that you were the first female finisher (woot!) but not first in your age group...
Gracie said…
Congrats on the PR! And yes, I just stumbled on Athlinks! They're stalkers!
Leigh said…
Congrats on a great race! You are speedy my friend :) I have checked out's pretty handy!
J said…
Congrats on the win! Usually around here if you win the race overall, you can't win your AG. Its like double dipping and they don't really allow it I guess. Great job on the sub 7s! Awesome! I use Athlinks especially since I have two names now (Maiden and married). its nice so I can consolidate them all together to keep track of all my race times.
Great job! Sub 7!? That's fast! And I love the color coordinated orange outfits! GO GIANTS! :)
WOW! Way to rock that 10K! Sounds like a great race. Definitely in my radar for next year!
Diana said…
Congrats on your PR! Sounds like a nice 10k event! :)
Elizabeth said…
Wow--way to go and it sounds like it was a great event to boot!

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