Running Gear Review

I wanted to review two of my latest running related purchases that have proven to be just what I had hoped. Like I've said before, I really enjoy wearing gear that is comfy and makes me feel good.

1. Moving Comfort Rebound Racer

With sports bras, I like to try them on to make sure they actually fit. It's amazing how different the same brand, but another style can fit totally different.

Our REI carries moving comfort so I went there to try on sizes and styles before selecting this one in charcoal heather.

What I like about this bra: high support (the girls aren't going anywhere), adjustable straps, sweat wicking, attractive, fits well.

Downfalls: I can't think of any.

 I don't know about you, but sports bras are one of those things I KNOW I need, but hate to replace. I mean, $56 for a stinking sports bra that no one sees! But, good support is important to me, so I shell out the $$.

2. Lululemon Bright at Night shorts

I was in the market for a pair of plain black running shorts and bought these in Chicago when we visited Pete's family. His brother and wife live just a block or two away from lulu - dangerous!

At first, they felt a bit restrictive, but after a few runs, they felt perfect.

What I love about them: wide waistband, adorable ruffles, two zip pockets w/ reflective tape, perfect length (not too short)

Downfalls: As a distance runner, they could use a zip pocket in the pack to hold gu or heavier items. The zips on the side are great for a key or an empty wrapper, but feel a bit heavy with actual fuel in them.

It's likely I get far too excited about my new running gear, but when you spend so much time in sweat wicking attire, you might as well feel comfy, confident and cool in it! Plus, you don't HAVE to buy a ton of it if you have a few quality pieces. 

Have you made any exciting purchases lately? I think this needs to be the fall I finally buy a pair of riding boots...

P.S. I finally took a rest day yesterday. The body was telling me it was time. I gave in and reminded myself that with rest comes strength. 


missris said…
I love the moving comfort sports bras! They work really well. Now that I know the exact style I wear, I can buy them online from places like running wearhouse, and usually get a discount. They're still expensive, but not quite as bad as paying full price!
Leigh said…
I need a new sports bra desperately, but can't stand thinking about paying over $40 for one! Just seems like so much money. And I am picky about my sports bras...has to have some padding as I can't stand the uniboob look.
So I hate to say this because I hate wal-mart with a passion but it's totally where I end up buying running gear. When we lived in rural Louisiana, Walmart was all I had when I took up running again...and I've found that the stuff lasts just as long. I always buy heavy duty sports bras, but I've always bought them 1-2 sizes too small so they hold the girls in and I run in running tanks with built-in bras also so there's always double duty going on since I'm bigger chested. I just bought some new running gear for the first time in over a year--always nice! And yes, definitely get a pair of boots--go great with everything! :)
Fun! I always like to hear about the gear others are buying! I am so cheap when it comes to sports bras. I get the C9 ones at Target and have been happy with them. I don't have much up top to support so figure I can get away with going the cheap route in that department. ;)

I want to buy some Lulu shorts after the marathon as a reward for getting through another training season! I might have to try the ones you bought!
I just recently bought a Moving Comfort bra and I LOVE it! I mean, OMG was it expensive, but since I'm nursing a baby I needed the support (and the velcro for easy access is a big plus!)
Tasha Malcolm said…
I love my moving comfort fiona bra. It is awesome! I have no lulu gear (yet) the price makes me ill!

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