UP...then down

That's how these weeks feel school/life wise. One week (or day for that matter) the reading and homework is manageable and understandable, and the next, every concept seems totally foreign and frustrating to me and the workload is too much for my schedule. And the school tends to seep into my attitude about everything else - work, life, etc.

The UP
I took Monday off to do some much needed wedding planning (i.e. contacting hotels, caterers, bar tenders, etc) and just get things in order in general.

When things are feeling particularly stressful, I find that checking off a list of 'to do's' gets me heading down the right path.

Monday's List:
1. Call two hotels - inquire about room blocks
2. Reach out to two caterers - w/ menu specifics and request for pricing
3. Research bar tending services
4. Email a few people I needed to get back to
5. Pay tuition
6. Get running socks at Tar-get - avoid buying cute clothes
7. Fill out premarital counseling paperwork 
8. Get ahead on hw and reading for chem/biology - womp, womp, no time for this

The down
With my class schedule and a buuuusy time at work, I'm coming to the realization that I simply CANNOT do everything I want.

And it's not just that I can't do it all when I want, I can't do it all. period. Yesterday for example, I had my first midterm in biology and while my other classmates were studying night and day for a few days prior, I was able to put about 4-5 hrs into it.

Luckily, I felt like the test went fairly well, despite not knowing everything. But I had to come to a place of accepting the imperfect to feel okay about my time commitment to studying.

We've also been having fewer 'from scratch' meals, which I knew would happen. I'm still trying to keep the meals balanced with protein and veg, but trying not to hyperventilate when it's not the ideal healthy dinner. ;)

My motto this week has been "you can only do what you can do." Just trying to roll with the punches, which is easier said than done.

The UP
It was exciting to notice how much more prepared I was for yesterday's test than I was in a lot of my tough midterms or finals for my first degree. I'm chalking it up to being older, paying for my own tuition and realizing how much of a gift education is. Oh and not being surrounded by teammates and friends all the time - hello distraction.

The other exciting thing has been that while both chemistry and biology have been pretty challenging for my brain to comprehend, I actually get a lot of the stuff we're learning! I feel smart again and that my friends, is quite a relief.

This week I've also been really crunched for sweat sessions so I've had to make it work. Monday - 3 mile recovery run, Tuesday - 4 mile run at dark, while listening to the debate (and carrying pepper spray), Wednesday - Lifeforce Fitness and this morning an early run.

As challenging as it is, I'd be a student for life if I could. What are your UPs and downs as of late?


missris said…
I hurt my foot and haven't been able to work out on it for a solid week, which is driving me up the wall. That's about all I can think about right now. Too bad *I* don't have a test to study for--I'm a pro at sitting still these days!
Raquelita said…
Lady, you are doing a great job of finding time to focus on your education! The Up is that last week I found out that my new furniture will be installed in my campus office at the end of this week instead of in January, which is great. However, it also meant that I had to pack up everything in my office and move it out over the past couple of days so that they can take the makeshift furniture out today and install the new stuff tomorrow. Because I'm in the middle of grading midterms and getting ready to go to a conference, it's been more of an inconvenience than it might have been at other times in the semester.
Anonymous said…
ups = getting interviews for residency, running
downs = not getting interviews for residency (and I tend to get dramatic about rejections)

I tutor some students who are doing nutrition or nursing for 2nd career in bio/biochem/chem---it is not easy to balance on top of a job and "life" that has been established beyond school!

when i get really stressed with school, i remind myself that sleep is most important and that "you can do anything, but you cant do everything."

good luck!
Tasha Malcolm said…
Love your motto. I finally had to realize after a mini melt down (maybe more than one melt down) that I can't do everything. Sometimes I get so frustrated with my husband because he comes home and naps every day. I don't get a nap everyday. If I am training I have to get my workout in, I work 40 hours a week, I feed/walk the dogs, do the laundry, do all of the cooking AND clean the house. I also even take out the freaking garbage and I don't even get a nap. Somedays I get really pissed and melt down occurs. I just have to realize that I can't do everything....which is hard because I am way to type A. :-)
Diana said…
Aww it sounds like you're being too hard on yourself and trying to do too much. Which I totally get because I do the same thing. lol.

I've gone to Zumba 8 out of the last 10 days because our group was doing some special events. I loved it, but then I stayed up way too late trying to get other things accomplished, which is really draining me. Phew! For down, I've been frustrated at not having more time and not being able to do all the things I feel I should. For up, I taught a super huge (for me) Zumba class last night with lots of smiling participants, which made my day. :) And my blog was recently featured on some big web sites, which made me feel so honored!

Anywho, it sounds like you're doing great! Don't be too hard on yourself (pot - kettle lol)
Amber said…
Look at you go with the wedding planning! Great job! Sounds like things are starting to come together and be less stressful.

I'm still amazed at all the workouts you're fitting in despite how busy you are. Way to go! I had a super busy week and have NOT been able to fit in nearly as many workouts as I would like and took two rest days in a row which I rarely do. I'm not totally happy with it but it's what I gotta do to get through things right now so I'm just going with it!
Elizabeth said…
I think you're doing great--there are going to be those up and down moments since you are doing SO much, but it'll all come together. Sounds like you have a great mindset about it all...and you're right, older students tend to be more ready and better prepared than most other students. Ups: house is returning into a home, finally went to the dr, and have interviews for next week. Downs: knee is still an issue impacting running and I've had TWO rats in the house.
I am glad there are many 'ups' to offset any 'downs' in your life right now. Working + school + eating healthy + working out + maintaining a relationship is HARD. I really struggled with it when I got my MBA, and i struggle with it during the CFA. I fit a lot in, but I honestly get really really down when studying, and I don't know how to combat it. But the end is in sight for me on that thank God.

I think you are doing an amazing job, though! So give yourself some major kudos! I am glad you felt the exam went well! I am not surprised as I think you are a smartie pants. :) AND I am especially excited for your upcoming nuptials and following along as you plan your special day!

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