Fresh from the Farm

This weekend was one of those perfect meldings of summer and fall. Cool mornings with sunny afternoons - still shorts weather around here!

Saturday morning I rode my bike and met Lindsey at a new to me yoga class at Willow Tree Yoga. Class was packed so the room was extra warm, but that just helped the stretch factor.

We did a lot of randomly sequenced poses and several things I'd never done before, including this one, which was hard, but I almost sorta got on both sides. 

Loved my mellow ride home and looking at all the cute houses and sunflowers popping up along the way.

After a shower and a green smoothie, it was off to Thistledown Farm for some produce because nothing screams fall like heading out to the farm!

I also found this cute guy hanging around the squash, so I let him push my cart.

I always love the look of the turban squash (never knew what they were called, but just looked it up).

And you can't leave the farm without snagging the best apples in the world - Honeycrisp... and some fresh apple cider donuts.

The haul + a few pumpkins that are sitting on our front step. 

Yesterday, I went on my first double digit run since the 50K and it felt pretty good. The sun was out and I was completely satisfied to be running along the river on a gorgeous morning. The leaves are changing so that's a nice treat too.

Happy to have survived my first week of class. The manfriend has been helping more around the house and even with meals, which I know will help to take some of the stress off my plate as the term picks up.

As much as I really enjoy cooking and meal planning, it's also a stress to know you have to make sure someone else is fed (and has enough to eat) every night of the week. Sure, he'd be fine with mac 'n cheese on a regular basis, but I can't say that I'd be satisfied.

But I won't lie, Trader Joe's or Annie's mac 'n cheese (healthed up with veggies) definitely makes an appearance at our house every few weeks. It works in a pinch and provides that comfort food satisfaction.

Ooh, we also went to see Trouble with the Curve on Friday night (via bike). We hadn't been to a movie in forever, but it was definitely worth the $8.50 per ticket. Love Amy Adams.

Hope your Monday (and October) is off to a good start! Anyone else do anything fall focused this weekend?


Lindsey said…
That's great you guys made it out to the farm! I think I need to do that in the next couple of weeks too. I never knew what the turban squash were called either. I wonder what you can make with them? They look really difficult to cut into.

If I could eat Annie's mac 'n cheese, I would definitely make it every once and awhile. Yum!
Amber said…
Haha you are a nice fiance! I am not as nice of a wife as you because Eric and I have 'fend for yourself' nights at least 3 or 4 times a week and most of those nights Eric eats kimchi noodles. Lol!

Also that pose is insane!!! I see a few people doing it at my yoga classes but I am nowhere close. I don't have the shoulder or hip flexibility yet to get low enough in my lunge. Good for you for doing it on both sides, you're so athletic!! :)
Tasha Malcolm said…
We might go get our pumpkins this weekend to carve. Kind of depends on what last minute plans come up. It seems like the weekends where nothing is planned can get the most hectic. We have a home football game on Saturday so I am sure that most of the day will be dedicated to tailgating and the game.
I am glad your first week of classes are going well! I knew they would. And I am glad you have man friend to help you out. Sometimes I think it is hard to accept or ask for help or admit that we can't do it all! I struggle with that!

I didn't do much fall-themed last weekend, besides a beautiful 22 mile run! I wish I Had my phone with me as the run was gorgeous with all the leaves changing!
Elizabeth said…
Nice! I always pick up random fall squash to use as decorations around the house. Then at the end of fall, I peel and either bake/roast them or toss them in the crock pot to make soup. Love Thistledown Farms--remember childhood trips there from when we lived in Eugene. Always feels so fortunate to live in a state where we're so surrounded by local produce and farmland beauty.

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