A Mini Getaway

Three and a half hours. The time of my long run on Saturday. It hurt, especially those last 40 min or so. It was mostly road running with 4-5 mi of trail in there. 

My reward? An ice cream sandwich. My favorite long run treat. 

After stretching, showering and eating plenty, Pete and I got packed up to go camping just about an hour from home. He had suggested it earlier in the week so it was just a matter of gathering our stuff and piling in the car. 

We arrived at Salmon Creek campground, found a nice spot and set up camp.

Jonah Bell was beyond excited that we were taking her on an adventure so she needed to cool off.

We took a few walks and let Jonah go swimming again. She was in doggie heaven.

And finally, it was time for my favorite part of camping - the fire!

We took another nice walk along the creek this morning, made oatmeal in camp and then packed up.

Less than 24 hours away from home and without cell reception was just what we needed. Sometimes you forget how freeing getting away from all your devices can be. Miraculously, the world keeps turning and you get a chance to just relax.

And now we're home happily watching the Olympics. Today's couch time has included: field hockey, table tennis, beach volleyball, swimming, diving and gymnastics. Oh and I took at least two quality naps - probably a record for this non nap taker.

I hope you had a great weekend and a happy Monday. I'm excited that I had time to prep dinner for tomorrow night (that never happens) - chopped all the veggies, dumped in three cans of beans and added spices for veggie chili that I'll throw in the crock pot before work.


Sounds like a wonderful getaway! I love the whole not having cell service. It's just so freeing. I get cell service at my parents' lake home but most days I leave my phone inside.

Nice work on being prepared for dinner tonight. I am so not prepared for any meals this week. I didn't get home until 9:30 last night as I stayed at the lake as late as I could. So I am very ill-prepared for today! I have a bbq to attend tomorrow so will have to fit a trip to the grocery store in before run club!
Amber said…
FUN! I love camping so much. We have yet to make it out this year but hopefully we will be going soon!
Not having cell reception makes me have a small anxiety attack.. probably proof I NEED some time away from it!
That looks sooooo relaxing. We haven't unplugged like that in ages. We once went camping and people even stopped wearing watches and just started watching the sun to guess-timate the time.
J said…
Sounds perfect! And I am eating so many ice cream sandwiches too cause they are my fav!
Caroline said…
That sounds like a fantastic vacation! I still have to get out camping this summer, but am looking forward to it!

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