the sun is out so that's my cue

The morning started off as most Fridays do. Walk the dog, yoga and pushups, shower and breakfast. But instead of making my merry way to work, I was off to Seattle on a big bird!

Determined not to check luggage, I was very sparse in my packing. Oh the woes! Knowing that I want to run this weekend, I had to pack extra clothes and shoes AND dress for a rainy/cold football game AND have clothes to go out to see some friends for dinner and a drag show! But, I made it all work in a small bag. Smaller, I might add, than my male coworker's bag. Take that!

In usual fashion, I ate a good breakfast, including my Trader Joe's raspberry yogurt and a whole wheat english muffin w/ almond butter and jam. Yum! And it isn't a true sass trip unless I've packed some healthy snacks. You never know what to expect when you're traveling so I packed a banana, two Braeburn apples (my fav), 1 toffee peanut Clif bar and black cherry shot blocks.

My flight to Seattle was short and sweet. A few bumps and a little precipitation, but nothing bad. I'm now sitting in my hotel room, which I can't show you because I forgot my camera cable and the sun is peeking through the window.

As much as I just want to walk the few blocks right down to University Village and let the shopping begin, I'll do the responsible thing and don my running gear and get a good sweat in. Who knows where this run will take me?

What are your plans for the weekend? Doing anything fall inspired? When I return on Sunday, I just might have a slight hankering to go the local farm to pick up some apples for homemade apple crisp! Now doesn't that make your mouth water? Calories shmalories.


Anonymous said…
Okay wow - i read your first paragraph and was so freaking impressed that you accompolished so much before you went to work! I wake up at 6:30am and out the door at 7:15am. Not good... oops
magda said…
ooooh, Seattle. Have a great time! Football, rain, running, and a drag show ... HA! Sounds amazing.
Anonymous said…
Hope you're havin fun in Seattle! I just got back from an overnight trip to Pittsburgh for a Bridal Shower - bridesmaid duties! :) Now resting up for the 10K manana! ahhh, tired.

apple crisp recipe? yummmm.

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