Fall Festivus

With little work to do besides answering work email, I took advantage of my location to seek out the nearby running trails. I'm here to report that in the same week I completed both the hardest run and the most fabulous run I've done in a while.

My mission was to locate the Washington Park Arboretum along the water. So, armed with my phone, room key, shot blocks, ipod and verbal directions from the front desk, I headed out the main bike/running path, past the Husky football stadium, past some beautiful houses in the Montlake district to the trail. Just 12 minutes later I was in the arboretum running through beautiful fall leaves, over floating waterways (yes, you read that right!), and on on of the most beautiful runs ever.

Want a peek? I didn't take my camera with me, but my phone did the trick so here you go!

I was trying to get that beautiful yellow tree behind me. I passed literally hundreds of different types of trees. It was a fall festivus for sure!

As I made my way back to the hotel, I was tired for sure, but those shot blocs were helping and I even got a wave from a local runner. I love the friendly wavey types! The back of my tshirt was soaked and a bit of the front. I think I did about 8-8.5 miles. Not bad for a Friday!

When you travel, do you like to check out the local running trails, coffee shops, book stores, used clothing stores, etc? I love exploring new areas! Okay, time to get ready for a little shopping and din din. Happy weekend!


Kristin said…
Welcome to Seattle! I love to run outside locally when I travel, though I tend to stick to roads because they seem safer than trails. The Burke Gilman Trail is an exception of course... And OF COURSE I love to shop when I travel! :)
Thanks Kristin! It's been a great day so far.
Amber said…
I'm out of town for a conference this weekend and really looking forward to getting a run in tomorrow morning!

It looks BEAUTIFUL there, though!
Anonymous said…
Those pictures are definatley capturing the fall! I'm so excited it's fall, it's the best season in my opinion! :)
Wow it is so beautiful there!

I should be better about checking out local running trails when i travel. That is something I need to do going forward.
I love exploring new areas too :) That trail looks sooo pretty :)


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