a week come and gone

Oh geez you guys, this week has been BUSY! Two mornings where I'm up and at work before nearly everyone else in the office. Meetings up the wazoo and not much time for exercise. But, in true fashion, I made it a priority!

Tuesday night I decided to book a run filled with some hills and stairs! I headed off for a few miles of warm up and found myself (as I'm sure some of you do) discovering new roads and historic gems (After eight years in this place, I found Pre's Rock and the most amazing view of the city!). After coming back down the hill where I found the famous Rock, I headed to the track for the much anticipated stair climbing.

I wanted to change my typical run up a bit and challenge these legs. They settled on three sets of four flights each. I find it always helps when doing stairs to break them up into sets because you can count down in small increments of how much pain you have left until the next 1 min rest. After some stair work and a few laps around the track, I set off for a last mile through the campus and back to my car. I found my pace picking up as I ran through the groups of students on their way home from class or heading to the dorms for dinner. Not a bad way to end a 53 min run!

Last night after a 730AM breakfast meeting and then meetings all day, I ducked into the gym for a quick workout. My last meeting ended at 630 and I could have easily headed home, but I knew I'd feel better after sweating out away some stress. In unfamiliar fashion, I allowed myself thirty minutes in the gym. I spent the next 10 min doing some intense intervals on the PreCor EFX and the next 20 min pouring sweat and catching up on my Jon Gosslin gossip on the bike. A few minutes of stretching, water and a shower and I was off!

Tomorrow I'm off for Seattle where I don't have much I HAVE to do. So I hope to spend some time on a long run through a nearby arboretum and then hit University Village in search of a little LuLuLemon! Anyone else loving LuLu? If only it weren't so expensive. Oh, I do heart my athletic wear.


Anonymous said…
Ha, "catching up on my Jon Gosselin gossip"! Mmm, how very entertaining! ;)

heading to Seattle...just for fun??! Sounds like a good time to me!
KGreg said…
I just got back from Seattle -- it was a blast! Of course I was doing all the touristy stuff, but it was still fun. Hope you have a great weekend!
Trials-I'm here for work and for fun!
Amber said…
Whew, busy week!!

Have fun in Seattle!

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