the hardest run

It was no doubt, the hardest run I've been on in a LONG time. Not as hard as running those last six grueling miles of every single marathon, but close.

Saturday morning I awoke, much to my disbelief, to rays of sunshine. I hopped out of bed, made the man coffee and got to work on some pumpkin pancakes and scrambled eggs. After a delicious breakfast and some digesting, I set out for my long run.

I decided on parking at a park along the river path that is filled with gorgeous yellow, orange and red colors so my eyes could enjoy their own feast of fancy. The goal was a ten miler so armed with my ipod, sunglasses and a little fuel (sample size choc dipped peanut Mojo bar), I let the fun begin.

I knew this run was going to be a tougie, hence the reason I packed both chocolate and the ipod on the run. Thursday and Friday I chose to do daily doubles. Let's just say one of those days included the recent treadmill intervals AND a class with tons of push ups and pull ups. My arms were SORE to the max and my legs, they weren't fresh either.

For a little mental boost, I decided I was going to do a thirty minute run...three times. Thirty minutes later I was allowed to walk for one minute. Then it was back to the running gig. The next thirty were tough, but I knew I was getting to another park where I would soon be able to walk again. This time it was a two minute walk allowance and finally I was off on my final and probably slowest leg. But the home stretch is always a relief so I just kept telling those legs to keep pushing it to bring me back to my car. With just five minutes left, the sun disappeared, the clouds came out and the sky opened up. I was immediately drenched, but never so happy to be finished with a run.

I sat in the car for a few drinking some water and popping black cherry shot bloks like it was my job. I could just feel the body saying "must. have. electrolytes." These are the kinds of runs that prepare you mentally and physically for those bigger things. Those things we call races. Those 1/2 marathons and full marathons we sign up for because we like love to feel that burn.


Amber said…
Good for you for pushing your body through a tough run, those are always hard! I ALWAYS take walking breaks on any run longer than 5-6 miles now. I still manage to average 9-9:30 min/miles and it makes my whole body - knees/legs/joints feel SO MUCH BETTER!
Anonymous said…
At least you're out there working out... I probably would have stayed in bed on a Saturday morning! LOL
Anonymous said…
sass!! be nice to those legs!! haha geeeeze.

30 min legs is much easier than thinking 90 min-10 miler...nice work :)

where did you get this Sample sized bar?? I'm intrigued....
Oh, I forgot to mention that...both my snacks for this run were snagged from the HOod to Coast relay. Clif bar gave each team a recyclable bag full of Clif goodness! I took my more than fair share. ;)
Dang - what time do you get up in the morning? I am impressed w/ your ability to make a nice breakfast AND get a long run in!!

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