Ski Season: Bring it on!

This girl is very happy. Ski season is looking even better thanks to this little beauty that arrived in the mail yesterday. Last week a coworker sent me a 60% off friends & family sale on all Merrell apparel (hey, that rhymes) and before I knew it, this $219 jacket was mine for just $88. Jackpot!

I can finally say sianara to that big blue men's jacket I've been wearing since high school ski team. All I need now is the $54 for a lift ticket and a four wheel drive vehicle and I'm good to go.

PS- You better believe I was watching the CMAs last night. Someday, I'll be there.


Anonymous said…
I loved the CMAs! mostly because, compared to other music awards, they have SO many performances. Gooood stuff.

Very cute jacket! it's purple :) I've had the same ski/winter coat for 4+ yrs now, and would Love a new one. I'd also love the $60 for a lift ticket, but umm...maybe that can be on the X-mas list. haha.

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