Let there be light.

As a part of Runner's Lounge "Take it and Run Thursdays," I'm writing about running through transitions.

The last few weeks have been especially hard for me. I find myself much more exhausted and unable to find the energy I need to take on the day with a similar amount of sleep and a daily running/workout schedule. I'm constantly in a fog. And I'm blaming this transition of light to dark. There's something about waking up with it still dark out that makes you want to stay cuddled up cozy under the comforter. I totally understand why bears hibernate come winter.

I haven't decided whether or not daylight savings time is helping us or hurting us. Yes, it's a bit lighter when I wake up now, but when I look out my office window around 4ish it's already getting dark and gloomy. That's not exactly the way this runner wants to be ushered into the elements. And speaking of elements, I'm figuring out all over again what I'm supposed to wear when it's wet and colder, but not freezing. The hat, spandex pants and gortex running shoes are back in rotation.

Right now for example, I'm so exhausted I can barely put sentences together or see straight and yet I keep on going. I want to go to bed, but I need to post and then read some of the library book that is now overdue. And on a sidenote, while I was making birthday cupcakes for a coworker tonight, I wondered how many bloggers out there do this kind of stuff? The kind of cupcake making, party planning, thoughtful stuff that no one expects or really wants, but you feel obligated like someone has forced it on you. As I stood there pouring the mix into the cupcake tins I thought "why? Why do I care so much about something that will go unnoticed?" Cherry chip and chocolate cupcakes are now frosted, sprinkled and waiting to be eaten.

What kinds of things do you do daily that you could spend your time more wisely elsewhere? I mean, if I added all the hours I spent baking for people or scouring Target for the perfect el cheapo sweater, dang I could have volunteered some serious time at a shelter or food bank. On the other hand, I can't deny that I enjoy baking and ultimately the satisfaction of giving it away and Target just feels so safe. Even on those days when I don't feel like doing anything or seeing anyone, Tar-get makes me feel like I'm still being social even if I don't talk to a single soul. Crazy, I know. Hey, at least I'm not seeing dead people like Izzy Stephens (Grey's). Gnight.


Your transition is real--whether it's the switch in daylight or not.

I've been through that same funk lately, and under the covers is so alluring.

Thanks for saying what a lot of us feel about Target--it can be a social outing.
Laura said…
I haven't seen Grey's yet this week... excited about this "I see dead people" development. I'm usually not a fan of the supernatural, but I have a feeling they approach it in an "Izzy is crazy" way, which I don't mind because it's more realistic to me.

I am very much a people pleaser, and spend a LOT of time doing little stuff like that. It does get frustrating sometimes when it goes unnoticed for a long time though.
Kerry said…
I think that little things make a huge difference to people and it makes me sad that the folks you do things for can't communicate that. I know that for me at least the little things make me feel like people care enough to do a little extra and like the world isn't such an impersonal place. Maybe it's just that people aren't terribly successful at expressing their joy, or perhaps they are afraid of being "corny", which I always think is just sincerity. Maybe people really are afraid of sincerity and the connection that comes with it.

Anyway, I think it's fabulous that you do thing to recognize the connection between people and nuture it and here I am being all corny (sincere), but then I always have been.

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