Dear Tahoe,

I miss you. I know it's been just a few days, but I'm having some serious withdrawls. Your fabulous sun, your lucious warm lake water, your natural wave pool, the smell of pine trees, the breeze, your gorgeous "this is my second, but much smaller and modest vacation home," the locals, the attractive lacrosse boys and really, I'm not sure where to stop. Seriously, thank you for your hospitality.

I hope we meet again soon!


I really didn't want to leave, but I'm not sure the job opportunities are vast around those parts beyond real estate, boat sales and bartending. None of which, I'm qualified for.

It was a weekend that started Thurs night with a bunch of the lacrosse girls I played with in college flying to Reno. We drove our rented red hot Impala to S. Lake Tahoe and picked up the rest of the crew, who were already a few bottles of wine in and headed to the condo. A condo, which by the way was just a block from the lake and right next to the fields.

The weekend was pretty perfect. We went for a mini reunion and for a lacrosse tourney, but decided it would be much more fun to just watch and not play...definitely one of our smarter moves.

As women of leisure, we took our sweet time getting ready, drank mimosas for breakfast, lay by the lake, took margaritas to the games and enjoyed our fair share of the free tournament beer truck. You heard that right. FREE BEER TRUCK at a lacrosse tournament for players and spectators. Let's just say, this is not the most serious tourney, but damn Gina, they know how to have fun. And I'm not talking PBR, this truck was serving Blue Moon, Fat Tire and ok, Coors Light.

By Sunday, we were pretty tired from late nights, free booze and long days laying in the sun at the lake and lacrosse fields. My drive home was exhausting at best. Thank goodness for air conditioning and loud music.

Now I'm back to reality, deadlines, Oregon rain (no joke) and baking yummy raspberry bread!

In other exciting news, this girl is on the mend. The knee is getting better, slowly but surely. I'm doing physical therapy and it's literally a monumental moment now when I can run for ten minutes in a row without my knee feeling like it's being wrenched in every direction. And that's what we call success my friends. Thanks to a tight left hip, my right foot is pushing off to hard, creating pain again in the foot. Fabulous. If it's not one thing, it's another.

Normally, I would just have powered right through the pain after I finished the marathon, but not this time. I realized I could seriously screw things up if I did that and possibly never be able to run again. Maybe I'm growing up? Nevermind the fact that I rarely see the runners anymore and am becoming pretty tiggity tight with the lifeguards while I'm sporting the aqua jog belt. Hopefully, that won't last too much longer. Well, back to reality folks.


Laura said…
Mmm, free Blue Moon! You said that and now I can't think about anything else :)
Anonymous said…
Wow, that looks and sounds like Such a fun weekend!! We have a lake about an hour away and this is the first summer I haven't been. this makes me reallyyyy want to go. :)
So@24 said…
Holy mother. I don't think I've used "tiggity tight" ever. I'm bringing it down to SoCal

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