Oregon matters

It's one of the few times politicians probably care about what's going on out here in Oregon, but guess what? The democratic candidates are back! Hillary is here today and tomorrow and Barack is scheduled for a campus visit tomorrow night on our Memorial Quad. Pretty freakin' sweet if you ask me. And of course I won't be able to make it the second time around either. I'll be at my gramps' 76th Cinco de Mayo-themed birthday party. How cute is that?!

I'm still feeling torn. Most young people are all about "Obama for change" and I totally get that and I'm all for it and for electing the first African American president into office. But then I feel like Hillary has really earned it and has fought the fight, knows what it's like to be in the presidential hot seat (Thanks Bill) and is ready to put her words to work as the first woman president. Is Obama just talking the talk? I don't know! Is Hillary getting emotional because she thinks it will sway us women voters? No clue. Of course I don't think holding on to my precious ballot for another few weeks and trying to study up will really help me decide. At some point, I'll just have to dive head first and choose a candidate.

Whatever happens, it's a presidential race of firsts and either democratic candidate will be fine by me. I know everyone doesn't agree, but I believe that both are pretty dang smart and are ready to prove that being first is a great path to a bright future full of change.


Anonymous said…
I'm right there with ya, still can't decide, but I love what is happening. Either way, we've got history here! The PA primaries were definitely Craazzzyyy over here. We had Obama on campus and ALL of the CLintons at one point (bill, chelsea and hillary, it was a little crazy).
Rachel H. said…
I'm pretty over everything that's happening and all the arguments and the candidates criticizing one another. I've had enough. I'll be ready for the race to be over!

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