A little recap

Things are a bit hectic around here at work. Three times a year our 45 person Board of Directors comes to town for two days (Fri and Sat) of meetings and socializing and this happens to be one of those times. Needless to say, my weekend plans consist only of work so far.

Since le foot started bugging me about three weeks before the marathon, I was forced to aqua jog, bike and lift weights and forgo my scheduled runs. By marathon week, I was nearly going insane. But seeing the girls (and Jess's husband, Scott) made up for it. Three of us flew from one Portland to the other, coast to coast just for this fabulous reunion and marathon weekend.

Pre-race Smiles!

As for a short race recap, I finished. Alive. Around mile 3, my hips were bugging me. By mile 10, my foot was pretty much burning. And by mile 24, my knee (same side as the bad foot, and the one I injured badly during lacrosse in college) hurt so bad at every step that I really thought I tore my ACL or something. Um, yeah. Basically, I ended up walking for a minute or so probably four or five times, but forced myself to run that last mile without stopping. Time: 4hrs 8min. My PR is 3:49, so considering I had a bum bod, walked a few times and the temp was in the 70s, I did okay.

The course was beautiful with about half of it weaving through the streets and neighborhoods of Burlington, VT and half along the bike paths next to Lake Champlain. And crowd support? It was insane! More than double the number of people running (9,000), were spectating. It definitely helped on the big hill around mile 15 to have everyone cheering us on. And Burlington? Such a vibrant, beautiful town. I want to go back.

The girls who chose wisely not to run the race!

As always, it was fabulous to see all the girls. Our tight knit high school group has been pretty freakin' amazing at keeping in touch and making our friendships a priority.


Britni said…
I'm impressed. I probably would have been one of the lucky ones not racing.
Laura said…
Wow, amazing job! Even with your injuries, you beat me by like 20 minutes :)

I've been really slow in posting my race report, but will be doing so tonight, and I'll include a link to yours. Thanks so much for stopping by! Your blog is great and I look forward to reading more.

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