Hi, I'm Lauren, a thirty-four year old marketer who is passionate about running and nutritious food. I'm an Oregon native who loves the outdoors, running, yoga, photography and quality food. My blog often documents my running, life with a toddler and my take on healthy living in the Pacific Northwest.

On Brice Creek trail outside Cottage Grove, OR

A beautiful winter day on the Oregon Coast

My Road to Running 
After graduating college in 2005, I finally had the time to focus on myself, the kinds and quantity of foods I ate and really strengthen my body. One day at the gym, I was flipping through Runner's World on the treadmill and came across an ad for the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon. I came up with the notion that while I could never run 26.2 miles, I could probably train to race 13.1. And my love for running and racing was truly reignited! P.S. Never say never.

In April of 2006, I ran my first 1/2 Marathon in Nashville, TN. In October 2006, I ran my first full marathon. And since then, I've never looked back. These days I much prefer the trail to road running, but ultimately, any run is a good run in my book. Check out my racing page for links to most of the races I've done.

Making faces on the MRTR 50K course

The Manfriend (like boyfriend, but manlier)
I met "the manfriend" in the fall of 2008 and we started dating January 2009. He keeps me laughing constantly and happily devours the meals I put in front of him. The manfriend also came with a black lab, Jonah Bell who still acts like a puppy at nine years old.

A few months after we started dating the manfriend, a friend and I ventured off for three weeks on the classic twenty-something European vacation. When I returned, the manfriend convinced me to buy my first road bike as he's a big cyclist.

Since then, the manfriend and I have happily been doing our running/biking thing. Mostly, I stick to running with plenty of yoga and weight lifting mixed in. He sticks to riding his bike and occasionally gets dragged out for a few miles on the pavement with me. The manfriend (Pete) proposed on April 29, 2012 just after I missed my BQ at the Eugene Marathon. He ran his first marathon, the Chicago Marathon, in October 2013.

We got married on July 12, 2013. You can read all about the big day here.

Product Reviews or Sponsored Posts
I'm open to trying a product or service that fits my lifestyle and is something I would purchase on my own. I know I have purchased items other bloggers have recommended and appreciate hearing honest opinions from others on things they try or use regularly. Feel free to email me with details - laurenjpeters at gmail dot com.

Questions or comments? Please leave a comment or email me at laurenjpeters @ gmail dot com. Thanks for stopping by!


Erin said…
I really liked reading your "ABOUT ME" section!!! I definitely learned a lot about you :) The blogging community really IS so wonderful! I'm just starting to make some *real* connections with other bloggers and I have to say---it's a great new form of friendship!

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