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So, life was busy last week and hey, it's getting a wee bit busier this week with classes! Anyway, I'm finally posting our professional wedding photos. We got them approximately eight weeks after our wedding, which is when our photographer told us to expect them. 

Kimberly and her husband Chris are the award winning duo behind Kimberly Kay Photography. They are incredibly busy during the summers doing often at least two weddings a weekend. Ultimately, I picked Kimberly Kay because their photographs were amazing and the price was right. Some equally good photographers were charging double the price for their packages!

These of course are just some of my favorites as we got about 900 photographs in total. 


The thing that I see when I look back at these photos is the pure JOY on so many peoples' faces. Weddings are truly special occasions. Sure, I was stressed beyond belief the weeks and hours before our wedding, but knowing that our friends and family were able to celebrate our wedding with us means a lot. 

Pete and I are lucky to have the support system we do and I feel so lucky that so many of our guests were able to come from far and wide, including Pete's family and a few of our friends who came from Michigan, North Carolina, Maryland, Nashville, Salt Lake City, and California.

Our Photographers
Kimberly and Chris were pretty easy to work with and were very understanding when I was on the verge of a breakdown after the first look photos. I was mentally and physically exhausted and felt bad that I wasn't up to taking many more pre-ceremony photos {that we were paying for}. That being said, they still got a lot of great ones.

Another thing to note for future brides is write down every little thing you want on your shot list or contract. The only thing I noted was our family photos and a group shot with my high school girlfriends (I didn't want to be that crazy bridezilla). In my mind, I was sure I'd remember to tell them to snap a candid photo with me and (mom, friend, gma, etc.)... However, the reception flew by and before I knew it, I had forgot to get photos with certain people. Ultimately, I know that the memory of having them there is more important, but I would have loved having those photos.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


Those are great photos! I really love the candid ones; the one of you guys getting ready and the ones at the end of the dancing! They show the real parts, just like you said, and help to remember every little bit.
Raina said…
Your photos turned out beautifully!! What a gorgeous wedding. I know it's late, but congratulations to you!

Our best photos turned out to be some black and whites that a friend took after the chaos of the reception. We were both so much more relaxed..

Hope married life is treating you well :)
Your photos turned out beautifully! You will have a hard time picking which ones to develop, I bet. I love them all, but somme of my favorites are the one of you with your parents, your first look photos, and the candids of guests! Looks like everyone had a blast!!
Absolutely beautiful photos!!!! I had about 900 photos from our wedding as well. It took me forever to figure out which ones to put into our album and which ones to get framed. I think that is a good problem to have. :-)
Your photos are gorgeous! It's clear you, your husband and all your guests had a wonderful time; and it's clear you chose a great photographer to capture those moments.

I think wedding photography has to be a balance of what the bride/groom want and freedom for the photographer(s) to do their job. Give too long of a list of must-have photos and they will certainly miss great candid moments. Give them not enough direction and you might not get what you want. One thing is for sure: pick a photographer you trust - your printed memories are in their hands!
Amber said…
Your photos are SO BEAUTIFUL! I love them all! My best friend who got married end of August is getting her photos back today and I can't wait to see them!

I agree with your advice to WRITE it down if you want a photo. I had a huge cluster with my photographers the day before the wedding so ended up having a new photographer but luckily him and his wife were AMAZING and because we had a smallish wedding they took A LOT of photos of the guests during the cocktail hour and reception so I think I have a candid or posed photo of almost everyone there! I definitely missed out on a couple of photo combo's I would have liked though.
Lindsey said…
Your photos turned out so well! I think it's great you have some photos from when you guys were getting ready. Our photographers were supposed to stop by when we were getting ready to get a few but didn't have time.

How are you going to decide which ones to print? It's going to be hard for me.
Jessica J said…
The pictures are gorgeous Lauren! Looks like you had a beautiful day! :)
Elizabeth said…
These are absolutely GORGEOUS!

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