Marathon Monday

Or alternatively Marathon Monsoonday? There was a typhoon that made its fancy way to the west coast Saturday night, all of Sunday and a bit today so we've had some crazy amounts of rain and wind around these parts.

Monday - 4 easy miles with the run group. Legs were feeling Sunday's 21 miler. 

Tuesday - Rest day, Hard Core Yoga in the p.m. Finally made it to this class, which is saying something because it's at 5:30 all the way across town. Loved that the room was a little warm with so many people in it and that we got to play with hand stand and bridge variations on the wall.

Wednesday - 4 miles in the a.m., p.m. Lifeforce Fitness

Thursday - working late, made it for 4 miles with the SPEED group. Did a little bit of the workout, but not the entire thing. Getting some speedy miles in is better than none!

Friday - 3 speedy miles before dawn + short abs/push up sequence. A whole lotta walking around campus for meetings today. 

Dark, rainy, pre dawn running path AKA my happy place

Saturday - 6.5 miles w/ 13 x 100m hard efforts

Sunday - 12 miles in a downpour + foam rolling and stretching. I wanted to go a few more miles, but it was completely miserable out and those last few miles were getting pretty cold and no fun. Kept the pace right around marathon goal pace. 

Total miles: 34

Overall, my runs this week were shorter than I would have liked, but I was effective with my packed schedule. When I did run, I focused on harder efforts to get the most bang for my buck. Now if only the weather would behave...

With two weeks to go until race day, I need to remember to keep stretching and foam rolling a priority. And of course, no getting sick!

Today kicks off fall term for me and Mondays are especially fun with an afternoon Chemistry class and then Anatomy & Physiology II from 6-9 p.m. I'm glad that it's taper time so I won't feel too bad if I have to fit in shorter runs or heaven for bid, miss a run. ;) It will also be a test to figure out how to properly fuel as I don't want to be eating dinner at 9:30 p.m. So far, the plan is to bring small snacks to keep me satisfied and awake.

How was your Monday? Or your favorite part of your weekend?

After a few errands, we stayed home watching football, listening to the rain/wind outside, doing some baking and laundry, and just laying low. It was a good reminder on why I come to love fall when it rolls around.


Lindsey said…
Nice work getting your miles in yesterday. I can't believe how much it rained.

I definitely want to try another one of Megan's classes!
I couldn't believe how much rain was coming down at the Oregon game. That was an insane storm!!!!!
Oh man, hearing you talk about your classes brings back memories of my grad school days when I had classes from 5:45 to 9:05 2 nights a week. I do not miss those days. Figuring out meals on those nights were always tough for me. Now i am taking french classes from 6:30-8:30 on Monday and I go there straight from work so I need to figure out how to fit a meal in as well as eating when I get home at 9 is just way too late! I am thinking I will pack a salad that I will inhale in the 10 minutes I usually have between when I arrive at class and when it starts. Good luck with this semester - I hope it goes well!

Also, see you SO SOON!
Just yesterday, I was thinking that if I stay on track this week, I could run a total of 15 miles (a record for me as of late). And then, I remember that 15 miles used to be a training run for me. Oh, how the marathon training days are SO LONG BEHIND ME! hahaha.

Hope the start to your semester is a good one - always seems to set the stage for the next few months.

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