My Five Minute Makeup Routine

I don't know about you, but I don't have much time in the morning to do much beautifying (which is just fine with me, BTW). And now that I'm a student (and soon to be mom), I'm more on the go, less dressed up and a little more relaxed about my outfit, hair and makeup.

Some mornings, I don't wear any makeup, but most days I do as it makes me feel like I look a little more awake and just makes me feel good about myself in general. Do what makes YOU happy, right?

I don't wash my hair every morning as it doesn't get too greasy if I'm not running miles upon miles, so running a brush through my hair a few times is about as sophisticated as it gets some mornings.

My morning staples

Naked Bee SPF moisturizer (right after shower or rinsing my face)
This is a requirement for me, even if I'm not wearing makeup as I want to have SPF on my face. I love the feeling and the ingredients. This is a brand I found at our local kitchen, home, and garden store, Down to Earth.

Origins eye shadow in soft touch 
swept all over my lid for a little brightening

Origins eye shadow in copper penny
swept along the eyelid crease for some oomph

Bare Minerals Original powder
a light sweep all over my face

Bare Minerals bronzer
a light dusting on my cheeks to act as blush/color

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil
this supposedly "sets your face", so I sweep it on after I've done my eye shadow, powder and bronzer

Bare Minerals flawless definition mascara in black
one easy coat on the top lashes only

Burts Bees tinted chapstick
I rotate through my grapefruit clear chapstick, hibiscus tinted lip balm, and the apricot shimmer (my favorite). 

For the body, I use the Belli Elasticity Oil on the bump and hips and Naked Bee Ultra Rich Body Butter for the legs and arms.

This routine probably takes me about three to five minutes. My other morning staple is adding a pair of earrings, usually some kind of simple stud.

And of course, eating a balanced breakfast, taking my multivitamin, and brushing my teeth are morning requirements.

What are your morning beauty requirements? Do you have any makeup/beauty favorites or tips to share?

Tip: If you're looking for ingredient details or safety ratings on beauty products you're using or looking to purchase, the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetic Database is a great resource. 


My make-up routine is pretty similar to yours. I also use some bare minerals products. My go to face products, though, are Arbonne. I love their RE9 line - it's a bit pricey but I think it's a good investment as my skin does so well on it. My biggest time suck in the morning is my hair. It's too cold to let it air dry and wear it curly so I have to blow dry and straighten it every day. I can't wait for summer when I can go back to mostly wearing it curly!
My morning routine is so boring -- a couple of swipes of mascara and I am out the door! I don't wash my hair every day and even when I do, I usually just let it air dry.
Amber said…
I wear makeup monday to friday but unless I have something going on on the weekends I try not to wear it on the weekends or will just wear powder and mascara. If i don't spend any time looking at my phone or diddle daddling I can still shower, get dressed, blow dry and do my hair and put on makeup in about 40 minutes though, so that's not bad!

I wear MAC makeup! It's so pricy but so worth it to me as the products last forever and always last through my lunchtime gym workouts. I'm also getting some Arbonne skin care stuff (though a different line than Lisa) as I tried some samples on my face recently and really liked how it made my skin feel and look! My morning makeup routine is concealer under my eyes, eyeliner, shadow on the lids, powder and mascara. I should time myself but even if it sounds like a lot it usually doesn't take more than 5-7 minutes.

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